Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mission Possible Check-In

With almost a month and a half of 2008 over and 12 tasks to complete let's see how I'm doing with Mission Possible.

1. Dad's Aran Sweater - no change

2. Sheldon x 4 - One down, three to go


All the knitting is done for this project. There's just some seaming and stuffing to do. I've already finished Meaty's turtle. Bird is so jealous she asks me everyday if I've finished HER turtle yet. There's a lot of pressure to get these done.

3. Grandma's Christmas Shawl - no change

4. Evil - no change

5. Hats x 4 - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did this one! They're knit, blocked, mailed and on the heads of the recipients! I'm extremely happy with the way they turned out and I'll blog them later, as Sweet Pea permits.

6. Hemlock Blanket - Soaking


I won't tell you how many days it's been sitting in that bowl of water.

7. Darling - no change

8. Socks for Meaty - I pulled the yarn out of storage for these

9. Forget Me Knot Socks x 4 - no change

10. Blue Sweater for Bird - no change

11. River Rock Scarf - no change

12. Socks for me - no change

So I've finished one task, I'm well on my way to finishing two more (Sheldons, and the Hemlock Blanket). Not to shabby considering this is my year to get nothing done. To celebrate I cast on for a sweater the other night (notice this sweater is no where on my mission possible list *shrug*).


I cast on for my current post-pregnancy/monster nursing boobs size. This might be a mistake. I won't be this size forever, but I don't know how long I'll be this size. Theoretically I could lose the weight before I finish this pattern giving me 14 inches of positive ease in a sweater meant to have 8-10 inches of positive ease. It will be huge. But if I finish before I lose the weight I'll have a sweater that is depressingly too tight, like everything else in my closet. So do I frog and knit a smaller size even if it means the sweater could be too tight for a while. Or soldier on with the larger size even if it means the sweater could be entirely too big by the time I finish?

And in today's dose of baby sweetness: BABY KISSES!



lynda said...

hee - Sheldon heads.

Finish that blanket! I'm snuggled up on the couch under mine every night :o)

Oy - I'm NO help on the size issue... I've been trying to lose my "baby fat" for the last 19 years! I'm sure you'll be back to size in no time, my inclination would be to go with your "natural" size.

lynda said...

Oh yea... lovin' the baby cuteness with each post!

shiguy4076 said...

I love baby kisses. I love the new sweater I love the colors beautiful.

I have a dirty mind the sheldons reminded me of something Hmmmm

Bezzie said...

Those little Sheldons made me giggle.

Open mouth baby kisses? Aw, why do they learn to close their mouths?