Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mission Possible

As I mentioned, I've joined the Mission Possible Revolution. The challenge is to choose 12 things in your stash, it can be UFO's or stashed yarn, or fiber for spinning if you do that kind of thing (which I don't...yet). And those 12 chosen items must be completed by Dec 31st 2008. Now completed is a rather loose term. Completed can be finished, or repurposed for another project, or donated, or even set on fire (I love this option). I have quite a few UFO's that are over a year old. So this might just be the kick in the pants I need to finish them. Here's my list

1. Dad's Aran Sweater - When last we saw the sweater it looked like this


It still looks like this. I haven't touched it other than to pack it for the move since last March. I am a bad daughter. MUST FINISH DAD'S SWEATER.

2. Sheldon x 3 - These were going to be socking stuffers for my children in 2006. That was two Christmases ago. Meaty still asks where his "yarn turtle" is. I am a bad mother. MUST FINISH TURTLES. And since I've added a child it is now Sheldon x 4.

3. Grandma's Christmas Shawl - This is the one piece of Christmas knitting I didn't get to finish in time last year. The edging on the shawl was never-ending. I actually gave Grandma a present containing a half-knit shawl still on the needles. I am a bad granddaughter. MUST FINISH GRANDMA'S SHAWL. And really all that's left is blocking.

4. EVIL - *shock* *gasp* *horror* I you're an old timer you already know what evil is. A little background can be found here and here. I really should knit the one thing my Husband has asked me to knit for him. I am a bad wife. (Although I fear "complete" in this case might really result in setting on fire)

5. Hats x 4 - One of these hats is the grey hat I mentioned the other day. I told a friend of mine last fall I would knit hats for her children. LAST FALL. I am a bad friend. Although I finally finished the last hat yesterday. They just need blocked, photographed and into the mail they go!

6. Hemlock Blanket - yet another project that is stuck waiting to be blocked. I must block the blanket.

7. Darling - I was knitting this for Bird. It is such a sweet little sweater. All I had left to do was sew on the buttons and embroider the flowers. Then in a fit of "helpfulness" The Greatest did laundry while I was in the hospital with Sweet Pea. I swear the sweater was in the "Don't ever touch this laundry or I will kill you, and I mean it!" pile, with my brand-new-very-expensive-nursing bra. But somehow both were washed and put in the dryer. The nursing bra is none the worse for the experience, the sweater is another story. I wept over the shrunken/felted sweater. Then I realized that while it was no longer a 4T sweater it retained its shape and proportions and is now more of a 12 mos sweater. It will be the perfect little sweater for Sweet Pea this winter. All I have left to do is sew on the buttons and embroider the flowers.

8. Socks for Meaty - He is so happy when I knit for him. I've been meaning to knit him some new "Blue Boy" socks for ages now. I've got some blue Tofusies that would be perfect. I just need to sit and actually do it.

9. Forget Me Knot socks x 2 - I was knitting these socks for the girls so they could have matching hand-knit socks. Plus the pattern is really cute. I knit Pork Chop's socks months ago and she was wearing the. Then one was accidentally felted in the wash (I'd like to blame The Greatest again, but that would be a lie). So I need to knit her a third sock. And knit a pair for Bird. And a pair for Sweet Pea if I have enough yarn left over. See what I get for procrastinating. Forget Me Knot socks x 2 has multiplied into Forget Me Knot socks x 3.

10. Blue Sweater for Bird - I've had some blue yarn in my stash for ages with the intention of knitting a sweater for Bird. Last night we were trolling ravelry and she picked out this sweater, but I'll have to swatch and see if the yarn likes the pattern. If not? We'll keep looking. But she will have a sweater with this blue yarn.

11. River Rock Scarf - Finally something for me. Katrina and I have planned to knit this scarf together for ages now. I've got the yarn all ready to go. She sent me the beads. I just need to send her the yarn so she'll be all ready to go. I *heart* knit-a-longs with Katrina, so this might be my favorite Mission Possible Mission.

12. Socks for me - I'm not sure which sock yarn I'll use, maybe my STR in Nodding Violet, maybe my Knitpicks, maybe my Tofutsies. I'm not sure. I don't know what pattern yet, but I'll bet it's something from New Pathways for Sock Knitter because I'm dying to knit something from that book. But I WILL knit a pair of socks for myself this year.

So there you have it. My Mission Possible list. I can't decide if it is too ambitious with two sweaters, and a third unlisted sweater in my knitting queue. Not to mention my knitting time is severly limited by this little terrorist.


She's so cute. She's my favorite little terrorist. (Why oh why wouldn't she sleep last night?) Heaven forbid she ever team up with Boyd. Together they could ruin me. But despite the obstacles I'm looking forward to the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Just look at that pretty pretty girl. If your knitting time had to be limited, what better little face to be the one to do it?

Your list is quite ambitious, but I will be cheering you on all the way.

Go go go!

lynda said...

Oh my goodness, that's the cutest terrorist I've ever seen!

hee... "yarn turtle" that's just cute.

shiguy4076 said...

I remember Evil. Oh yes I do. Didn't you start that about 3-4 years ago???

wow that's a huge list. You can do it.

Isn't sweet pea so precious.

Stephanie said...

I am so glad that I am never having any more! Oh well...

Miss ya!

Stephanie said...

I need a release of what has been going on lately...where do you recommend learning to knit? I have even reupholstered our dining room chairs, you'd be proud!