Monday, February 04, 2008

Feeling Honored

I love blogging. I really do. I know last year my lack of blogging might suggest otherwise. But last year was a fluke. I love blogging. I love taking pictures for my blog. I love thinking in words with more than one syllable for my blog. I love when something funny happens and I just know it will make the perfect blog post. I'll admit I'm not as good at it as I used to be. If you read the archives some of my old posts are pretty funny. Some are even a bit creative (anyone remember Boyd?). Lately, *shrug*, not so much. I'll blame that on sleep deprivation and hope in six months it gets better.

My very favorite thing about blogging is the fact that people read my blog. People actually pay attention to the things I say (because goodness knows no one around here listens to me). People actually care enough to comment. People actually like my blog enough to come back.

Someone even likes it enough to give me a "You Make My Day Award." Marie Grace of Marie Grace - Yarn Slayer mentioned me amoung the bloggers who make her day. She did mention that lately she's been reading to see the baby. Not my witty word or fabulous knitting *cheeky grin* but the baby. Who can blame her when my latest child is this sweet?


Thank You for thinking of me! I love your blog and all you designs. A well written pattern can be hard to come by and your are always extrodinary. I'm flattered you even know who I am.

As for bloogers who make my day...

Big Booty Knit - She's a bit like February 29th. She only blogs about once every four year. But it's a masterpiece when she does. I miss my knitting buddy.

Here in Topeka - My other knitting buddy. And I love her kids.

She knits shizknits - Her pictures are amazing. My blog is better because of her example.

Shut Up I'm Counting - Freaking Hilarious!

Knit Together.. Wonderfully Made - Her quiet faith inspires me. And the puppy's pretty cute too.

There are so many others I love, but I'm trying not to mention people who've already gotten the award. Sharing the love so to speak. I don't comment as much as I should on the blogs I love, but most days I'm reading while nursing, and it's all I can do to move the mouse, you can forget typing. Sweet Pea is ready to nurse as I type, so I guess I'm done for now. This


will have to wait another day.


Amy said...

"As for bloogers who make my day"
is funny enough, but should I admit that I read it "Boogers"?

shiguy4076 said...

Ok you made me laugh. I am so like Febuary29th. In that picture of sweet pea she reminded me so much of Meaty. Just her expression. I promise I'll post more. I love reading you I feel like I'm still connected to you and you didnt' mvoe all the way across the country

Tammy said...

Too. Cute. Fingers!

Stephanie said...

awww! You know, I love to blog too, and your blog keeps me connected to you now that your so far away and we don't seem to talk that much anymore! She is so beautiful! You are very blessed! Keep up the blogging!

Bezzie said...

I like the term bloogers. I love blooging too!

And biting my lip to keep from squealing when you show pics of Sweet Pea.