Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Princess Hat

Way back in the fall of last year I promised a friend I would knit her children some hats. She has teenage boys, and they wanted hats with skulls. Her toddler son needed a hat with skulls as well, so he could be a big boy. But her young daughter? She thought skulls were "yucky." So a princess hat was in order. Something with pink of course. I was unsure of what pattern to use. I debated hats with flowers, or ruffles, or ribbons. But they didn't seem right. Then I was on ravelry (big surprise) and I discovered the knitted tams from Knitty. I decided that knit in black with pink design it would be perfect for the stylish princess.


Pattern: Three Tams, Tam C

Yarn: 1 skein Knitpicks Telemark, black
1 skein Malabrigo, varigated pink

Needles: 2 size 3 circular needles

Modifications: I used size three needles to make a child size hat. I blocked the hat on a child's plate instead of a dinner plate.

Review: I am beyond pleased with this hat. It was great fun to knit. I love stranded knitting almost as much as I love lace knitting. And stranded knitting seems to go so quickly. It only took a few nights to knit. I love how the black background makes the pink pop!


I wish I had blocked it a little more aggressively. Maybe on a desert plate instead of a child's plate. But it's all good and I love how it turned out. I hear the Princess likes it too. So all is well in the land.


Stephanie said...

I'd wear it too, its awesome! Looks great! You have serious talent! =]

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! -Bridget

Dani said...

Pretty! I love that pattern.

Bezzie said...

Pop is exactly the word I was going to use--lovely!

shiguy4076 said...

I want one. That is gorgeous.

taffi said...

Sweet Girl loves her hat! it looks so adorable on her, too. thank you so much!