Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Loving

What I'm loving today:


FINALLY having all the presents wrapped, packed, and ready to mail! Now if only I were done shopping for my children.


My Roses. I'm not sure why he bought them, but when we were at the grocery store The Greatest (who has only bought me flowers twice in 11 years of being together) suggested we should buy these. Aren't they lovely? I think yellow is my new favorite rose color.


I'm just loving this picture just because. What's not to love about this picture? I laugh out loud every time I look at it.

I'm loving this man.


Isn't he handsome? Even when he's got his cop face on cause he's doing work stuff. As I took this picture he grumbled at me so I promised not to put his image on the interwebs. Don't tell him I lied ok?

And finally I'm loving my new Christmas Present!


You might have noticed that with the exception of the picture of the camera all the other pictures in this post have actually been in focus. I'm unspeakably happy. Now can you understand why I simply could not wait until Christmas?

It's Christmas time. There's love for all mankind in the air. What are you loving?


zippy said...

What a fun post! I LOVE your new camera; no wonder you couldn't wait to open it, I wouldn't have waited eitehr!!! I have an older model Rebel XT and it's a fantastic camera--congrats! Way to go to The Greatest--a very appropriate title for him btw. : )

LilKnitter said...

OOooh!!! I am SO. Jealous!!!! He definitely is the greatest! And now, because you've gotten to open it, you will have wonderful, well focused, beautiful pictures of your four darlings and The Greatest during Christmas!! It's a gift to everyone!

gramee said...

i have had my cannon for 3 months now i love it so much!!
it is always by my side!! it makes blogging so much fun!!
i link to your blog on my daughter in laws blog
jenny hoffman i check it often! i love your fun posts!

Stephanie said...

WOW, that's great! He looks exactly the same! Meaty has gotten so big, it's amazing! Enjoy your new camera! I have a new one too, and I've been having fun with it too! Happy Holiday's!

shiguy4076 said...

Whoo-Hoooo I love your flowers and your camera. I love that Meaty is smiling in the picture. All I kept thinkign is "i'm not touching you" you know how you'd do that when you were a kid to annoy your siblings. So adorable. When did he get so old :(