Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know you're all dying to know....

So my Christmas present arrived yesterday. The question of the day is did The Greatest let me have it?

Before I tell you I would like to take this moment to remind all of you that you, my loyal blog readers, have betrayed me, telling me I needed to wait. Et tu Brutus? Did you forget that you are supposed to be on my side? Your loyalty lies with me and my whims, not The Greatest, not with Christmas, ME! What do you think I am, a grown-up or something? Someone who should be able to practice delayed gratification? You're thinking of the wrong person. Delayed gratification has never been my strong suit. Even though you knew the betrayal I felt from my message board, you continued to insist that I wait for my present. I'm not sure I'm speaking to most of you right now.

So, for the handful that didn't stab me in the back, if you recall, I was supposed to stay home all day yesterday waiting for my Christmas-present-that-I-wanted-with-all-my-heart-but-couldn't-have-until-Christmas to arrive. But then I remembered. I had plans. I couldn't stay home all day. I was going out with the girls to see TWILIGHT! And by "the girls" I don't mean my three female children. I mean full grown adult women. I WAS GOING OUT WITH NO KIDS!

Now this is the very first time I have ever gone out without Sweet Pea. As she is still nursing she insists I remain no more than twenty feet away from her at all times. Even when she sleeps. She would prefer a three foot perimeter, the twenty feet represents a compromise. This is truly cramping my social life. She is almost a year old. It's time for some forced independence, for both of us.

So to the movies I went. I wore these socks with these shoes


(don't they look cute? and they were comfy too)

I had a wonderful time! A much better time than Sweet Pea and The Greatest had. I think she's getting more teeth (yet another reason to wean her soon).

I arrived home to one sleeping baby and three excited children.

"Mommy we got you a present" they cried!

"A present?" I thought "what present?"

And it dawned on me. MY Present had arrived.

Proudly they gave me a beautifully wrapped present (*swoon* he wrapped my gift. Who needs Edward, my man wrapped my present *more swooning*)

"I know what it is" Meaty told me in a conspiratal whisper.

"What is it?"

"I'm not allowed to tell, but I'll help you open it."

How could I not open my present when the children were so excited and eager to help me?

So do you want to see what I got? What I wanted so badly I simply could not wait until Christmas to have? The gift The Greatest bought me that is so perfect it makes my present for him look really crummy?

Maybe I'll tell you...



Stephanie said...

hahahaha, thanks!!! Talk about anticipation! :( hahaha

Wiffy said...

I forgot to tell you yesterday how much I loved your socks! They were most beautifully displayed in those awsome shoes!! It was so much fun to get out with "the girls." Thanks for the great time. OH, and of course, Edward has nothing on a hubby who wraps gifts! :)

LilKnitter said...

Oooh, you're bad! I want to knoooow!

And I totally and completely hear you on the baby-proximity-meter. I am just lucky that Peanut allows me to sing in the choir. How DH gets her to sleep on those nights...I may never know.

shiguy4076 said...

yeah I love the socks. I promise I'll finish mine.