Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Christmas Craziness, and an Ewwwwwww

So The Greatest put up Christmas lights outside the house the other day. He whined all morning about needing to do it, which annoyed me to no end. No one was forcing him to do it. I wouldn't have cared if he didn't do it. HE wanted to do it. He's the one who spent hour in the garage repairing all our old lights so he would have enough strands to do it. So what was up with the whining? Makes me wonder how he got the name The Greatest.


He put up Christmas lights all over the house. Icicle lights hanging from the eaves. Running lights along the sidewalk. Net lights over the bushes.

In a break from his usual insistence on white lights only, he allowed green and red lights to be put on the bushes outside. I love them. They are so fun and festive. It really brings the Christmas-y feeling alive. But I don't think I'll ever adjust to this.

The lights are on a green bush that is still flowering! That's just wrong. This is just so wrong. And I can't get used to the view out my back window.

Greenery, lights and berries on the sill, and grass so green beyond it looks like a golf course. And don't forget the pool, so blue and inviting I just want to jump in. But the weather is in the 70's and that is too cool for swimming. (I can't believe I typed that. I am so fully acclimated to the desert. Feel free to mock and point. I deserve it).

I guess I still dream of a white Christmas. I'll have to settle for sunny and blue. But you would feel the festive spirit if you came to visit my house right? (five year old child thrown in for scale)

And the Ewwwwwww?

Check out the bottom of the photo. I can't believe I didn't realize there was a dead pigeon on the side walk. The
OC Spray didn't work. The bb gun didn't work. So The Greatest has been shooting them. It hasn't completely gotten rid of our pigeon problem yet, but their numbers are greatly decreased and The Greatest gets immense satisfaction from the entire affair, so I guess it is all made of win. Although I am not entirely sure it is legal to discharge a firearm in a residential area. Would it kill him to dispose of the evidence after he commits a crime. Isn't that in cop 101?


Olivia said...

The Greatest and DA would get along. When we were having pidgeon problems he wanted to shoot them too!

Stephanie said...

hahaha, love it! I'll tell ya, I put up lights outside yesterday...it was so cold and SNOWING, my hands were NUMB! I still only do the white lights and my friend came over last night, and he asked if I was against colors! hahaha

Me and the kids enjoyed hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows to warm up, but I didn't have any firewood for the wood burner! :-(

Looks beautiful!