Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Operation Perfect Christmas

So I've posted a little about this before, my vision of a perfect Christmas. It includes small children playing peacefully together, laughter ringing throughout the house, carols in the background, cookies piled high on plates, smiling with friends. You know, all the good stuff of life converging around a brightly lit tree.

I am aware this is an unrealistic pipe dream. Nobody's life is that perfect. Especially not mine. I know this. I know the reality of Christmas will include bickering, hitting, name calling, fighting, yelling (from me), and tears (probably from me as well). All that good stuff will be there, but there must be a tussle of some sort, a battle of epic proportions in my family room in order for me to truly appreciate the silence that reigns after they go to bed. It's a whole ying and yang thing. I'm not going for a perfect Holiday Season. I'm just hoping for perfect moments. Just a little slices of time to string together into a memory. In years to come I will dust this memory off, forgetting all the bickering, the fighting, the yelling, the tears, and I will hold onto the perfect moments, the giggles, the smiles, the love, the joy, the perfect Christmas.

And I am proud to announce that I am one step closer to creating one of those moments. The one of the happy baby playing quietly beside the Christmas tree..

Behold my baby pants!


They're not done yet. I need to sew the leg hems in place. And this is usually the point where I stall out on projects. But I want these pants done by Saturday so she can wear them to her first ever Christmas Parade (last year doesn't count, she couldn't watch from the womb). So *fingers crossed* I'm right on track, my vision is seamlessly coming together.

I've even found the perfect flower for her headband.


I was going to sew it on a cream-colored velvet ribbon I have, but the shirt I bought for her to wear with her new cuddly red pants is white, so I'm going to have to think of a plan B. This is a glitch, but not a fatal one. My vision of happy baby playing quietly by the Christmas tree will not be thwarted, unlike the sweater vest. (those who know me know what I'm grumbling about, I still maintain a sweater vest on a five year old is not gay, but whatever, for the sake of my marriage I'm letting that dream die). This perfect moment will come to fruition.


Christy D. said...

Wow! You are such a great Christmas joy-spreader...handknit cuddly baby pants and a headband to match! I am in awe of your HOliday spirit and bow in your general direction :)

So far all I've done is decorate and make a list of cookie recipes to bake.

Anonymous said...

The words "baby pants" make me giggle for some silly reason. Must be my inner 5-year-old coming out.

I always look forward to seeing pictures of how you decorate for Christmas. Beautiful!

Bezzie said...

You know those baby pants are virulent! I saw a pair of some machine knitted baby pants and immediately thought of you!