Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do Knitter Get Frarried?

So my 12 year old daughter came home last week and proudly announced that she got "frarried" that day.

"You got what?"



That's when she showed her ring.  She explained to me that she was now "friend married."  She and her best friend had officially declared themselves to be "Best Friends Forever."  This declaration included signing paperwork, holding a small ceremony on the playground, and baking celebratory whoopie pies in my kitchen.

I shook my head and asked "Can't I just buy you heart shaped bff necklaces like normal kids?"

In a completely unrelated story, let me share with you the wonder and beauty of what I am currently knitting.


I am officially in love with knitting once again!

This is the start of my latest knitting project.

It isn't the picture this project deserves.  It should be a better picture, with my current progress. But it is already dark outside, and I am too lazy to try to get a good picture in the bad overhead lighting.  Maybe tomorrow next week.

This is the start of my Cowl.

What cowl you might ask.

Why my BFF Cowl of course.

When I first saw the pattern I knew it was something I NEEDED to knit with my dear friend from Here In Topeka.

One quick message asking if this would be something she would like to do and the next thing I knew I had two skeins of the most luscious red yarn sitting on my doorstep.

I think that was a yes, she will be my Knitting BFF FOREVER!

Does this mean we're "knarried"?

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