Thursday, November 29, 2012


My purple mohair sweater is growing at an alarming rate.


I can't be certain, but I think it might be on steroids   Nothing else can really explain the lightning speed at which it is progressing.

Perhaps small dog has been working on it at night after I go to bed.  Small dog, or maybe kindly yarn gnomes who have taken pity on the me when I fall asleep over my knitting.  They come and lovingly take my yarn, fix my sleep-deprivation induced mistakes, and knit a few more inches for good measure.

Yes, it must be yarn gnomes knitting my sweater.  Because my yarn would never do anything as dangerous as take steroids.  Right?

I've been a little worried about running out of yarn.  This sweater is meant to have three-quarter length sleeves, and a gorgeous cowl neck.  I've been thinking I can knit one or the other, but I don't think I have enough yarn to knit both.  This made me sad, because the pattern looks so nice with the cowl and the three-quarter length sleeves.  Sadness settled upon me, and I was losing the will to knit.  Maybe not the will to knit entirely, but the will to knit this beautiful beautiful purple mohair.  It was depressing.  I was already browsing Ravelry for my next project (it will be this or this).

Then I tried the sweater on.

Did you know a sweater knit of aran weight mohair is super duper warm.

Like really really really warm.

Like possibly heat stroke inducing warm.

And I live in the desert.

Where it is warm.

Like really really really warm.

Like it is the end of November and we are still sleeping with our windows open kinda warm.

I don't know if it is physically possible for me to wear a mohair sweater with three-quarter length sleeves, and a cowl neckline.

Maybe I'll just leave it as a crew neck with short sleeves.

Dilemma solved I am happily knitting on my sweater once again.

Atleast I am until I fall asleep somewhere around 9:42.

Then the yarn gnomes take over.


katie metzroth said...

I really like the second sweater - first link is broken. It probably gremlins.

katie metzroth said...

It WAS probably gremlins. They've gotten into my compter too! RUN!