Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

So the other day I got all dressed up to go shopping on Black Friday.  I was ready surprisingly early (a true sign that the Mayans are right, and the apocalypse is nigh) and had fifteen minutes to kill.

Naturally I spent that time taking pictures of my hand knit sweater for my blog.

After all, I had clean hair.


And look at that, I had a star on my head!  I'm totally rocking that star.

Pattern:  Hello (Rav link)

Yarn:  Spa, in Ocean Spray,  4 skeins (I think)

Needles:  Size 4 (maybe) Addi Turbos (pretty sure they were Addis)

Modifications:  None that I remember, this was perfect don't-think-just-follow-the-pattern knitting, assuming I remember this correctly.  The details of knitting this are rather fuzzy in my memory.  I do remember that I was watching the final season of Eureka, and I really loved it.  Did I love the final season of Eureka, or did I love the knitting?  The world may never know.

Review:  I knit this ages ago.  I don't recall precisely when.  Could have been last year, could have been over the summer.  No idea.  I really need to be a better blogger.

The timeline of this sweater is unimportant.  The important thing is I love this sweater.  I really do.

The bamboo spa yarn makes a really soft drapey fabric.  But word to the wise, this yarn was super splitty.  I do remember that.  Which is why I'm positive I knit this with my blunt tipped Addis.  Splitty yarn problem solved.

The sweater was knit with the contiguous sleeve method.  It is rather brilliant, blending the fit of a set in sleeves with the convenience of a no sew top down raglan.


It was rather clever, and the lazy finisher in me loved having the best of both worlds.

This cardigan had some great details, like this decorative thingie on the collar,


And the decorative side seam.


And here's a picture of the back of the sweater that serves no real purpose except to show off how long my hair is getting.


The only real down side to this sweater is the "right side" is reverse stockingnette stitch.  I often put this sweater on, and later realize I am wearing it inside out.

Maybe that is a plus?  The sweater is completely reverseable?

In summation, I love this sweater, but I decided I did not love the argyle shirt (too tight in my stomach, I am sucking it in in all the pictures, even the ones where my stomach is not visible), and I changed it before I went shopping.

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Ale Malsia said...

I would love to see the right side. Im looking for this method, look really fantastic.