Sunday, November 25, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We had a very quiet Thursday.  The Greatest had to work that night, so he slept most of the day.  We had a ham instead of turkey.  It was a bold move.  Ham is just so much easier to cook that turkey.  As a consequence of no turkey, we also had a distinct lack of stuffing.  I had concerns as to how the children would take the news.  I feared a violent uprising from the peasants.  Instead the children were ecstatic  to have ham.  They cheered and chanted "ham, ham, ham, ham, ham."  I guess I need to make them ham more often.  They also had their much beloved veggie tray.


They claim it is the best part of Thanksgiving.

I had good intentions to make pumpkin pie.  It is Meaty's favorite.  I can not conquer pie crust.  I try, and I even had something passable last year.  But honestly the mere thought of tackling pie crust makes me want to have a long cry and then go take a nap.  This year I didn't even fight it.  I bought ready made crust from the grocery store.  And I still have yet to turn the crust into a pie.  Meaty is waiting.  It is kinda sad.

I don't generally do "Black Friday."  I have this theory that if you're buying a big ticket item you can get a smoking deal, but otherwise, for the little things, it is rarely worth my time to lose the sleep and brave the crowds.

Instead my friend and I left the house around 10, no losing sleep for us.  We went to Savers (which is like Good Will, only they actually sort the clothes into sections and sizes), so no crowds for us.  And look what I scored


Look at all that beautiful, beautiful yarn I found.  Sure, it is already in sweater form, but I can fix that.

But it gets better.  Check this out.


Why yes, that is a men's x-large 100% 2-ply cashmere sweater for $3.99.  Only it was Black Friday so all clothes were 50% off.  I scored all those beautiful yards of lace weight cashmere for $2.00.

It was a Black Friday Miracle!

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