Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Loving

This week I'm loving

Our Christmas Decorations...


Why yes, that is a smaller second tree in our family room. There may or may not be eight Christmas trees scattered throughout the house. I apologize for NOTHING!

My new hair sticks...



Now that the tree is out of the woodworking shop, it is time to put my man to work. I told him I need some new hairsticks, and he delivered. And did you notice how fabulous my hair looks in these pictures. I'm lovin' that too.

This picture of my oldest and youngest "ice" skating...


So what if the picture is too dark. I still love it.

And I'm loving that I FINALLY found a pattern that almost perfectly replicates the sweater given to The Greatest by his beloved Grandmother nearly fifteen years ago...


It just needs to be a sckootch longer (yes that is an official unit of measurement), and brown. Sure the pattern is in Japanese. But I won't let a little thing like a language barrier stop me.

The real question is can I knit this sweater in secret and have it done in time for Christmas?

Ordinarily the knitting part would be no problem.

It is the secret part that is causing the trouble.

He's sleeping right now, having worked the night shift last night.

Guess I should get off the internet and get busy!

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katie metzroth said...

good luck! (whispered)