Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I've decided that real life is hard.  The kids bicker,  the bills come every month with alarming regularity, and who decided we need to eat dinner each and every single freakin day?

But then a friend drops by and gifts you with the largest bottle of coconut syrup you've ever seen.

And once fortified with some dirty diet coke things don't seem so bad.  And yes, that is diet coke in a diet pepsi cup.  I feel no shame.

The tiny overalls are finished-ish.

Does it surprise anyone that the overalls are waiting for buttons?

Yeah.  I didn't think so.

The impending arrival of  She-who-has-not-been-named is looming over everything we do.  I need things done NOW!  Before the baby comes.  That may or may not mean that The Greatest is currently setting up one of our 11 Christmas trees as I type this.  I regret NOTHING.  Plus Christmas is his happy place, so he doesn't mind.  I still need to sew the baby's quilt, and I've agreed to join some women from knitting group on a both at a holiday sale.  I need to make some things to sell so I can turn around and buy some Christmas presents.  I need to pack for the hospital.  And hang pictures on the nursery wall.  And get the "big girls" to finish putting their room together.  And re-arrange/clean Meaty's room because he is feeling left out.  And I need to knit this year's round of  Weasley Christmas Sweaters.  NOW!

I started this one on Friday.  I think I'm making good progress.  I keep thinking it looks to small for Meaty, but the measuring tape says it will fit.  I guess we'll see.


katie metzroth said...

wow! Well, I applaud your enthusiasm! :-)

AngelKnitter said...