Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Will Wonders Never Cease?

You guys are going to be so proud of me.  This morning I sucked it up and got down on the floor to block my shawl.  Before it started to smell bad!

It wasn't easy.  As I crawled around, back hurting, knees hurting, my big belly in the way, I vowed to stop knitting things that need blocking until after the baby is born.  Maybe only small object that can be blocked on the bed from now on?  Or maybe just more baby socks.  Yeah, quick, easy, no blocking required baby socks just might be the thing.

When I began placing the blocking wires along the top edge of the shawl I swore this was going to be a disaster.  The cotton garter stitch edging was every bit as tight as I feared it would be.  I worried it wouldn't stretch enough to match the more flexible stockinette stitch body.  I almost gave up right then.  Why waste my time crawling around on the floor when I knew it wasn't going to work?

But I pushed on.  I'm in that crazy stage of pregnancy where once I get an idea into my head I must see it through to the end.  If only I had that kind of focus when I'm not nesting.  The Abyss wouldn't even exist.  I had to pin the shawl out.  I had to know for sure how terrible it was.  Besides, what else was I going to do with a wet pile of pink stripes?

It turns out that like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

It is everything I hoped it would be but feared it couldn't.  It is huge, and pretty, and I love it!

I am thinking I'll take it to the hospital with me.  I get cold in the hospital, but it is hard to wear a sweater with an IV (I NEED the epidural, I do not fear the IV).  Or it could be used as a cover up while nursing.  Or I could just wear it and look fabulous.  I have options.

I've cast on for yet another baby knit.

But this one isn't for me.  A tiny pair of knitted overalls for a good friend's little boy. I knit this pattern a few years ago for her baby girl, and when she found out she was expecting again all she wanted was a blue pair for her little boy (in a side note, that blog post includes me thinking I might be done having kids.  Very funny).  I kinda hated the pattern the first time I knitted it.  All those tiny stitches on size 0 needles.  This time I am knitting it on size 2 needles and I like it so much better.  It is so cute and tiny and fun to knit I'm going to HAVE to knit a pair for my own baby.  But I must finish the blues one first.  She is due any day now.  Just like in college, there is nothing that motivates me to get stuff done more than having a deadline.


AngelKnitter said...

*sniff* So very proud of you! That blocking is a pain... The shawl is amazing.

And my uterus is currently crying after the other post. Oh my.

Tam said...

That shawl is fabulous! So glad you bit the bullet and blocked it. I enjoyed that old post of yours. haha So much for the "I'm done" idea. I would have LOVED to have had #5 but I was almost 40 when #4 was born and couldn't face being 40 AND pregnant. Now at 48, perimenopausal and tubally ligated I can truly say I am DONE and I'm ok with it. If I was 10 years younger, though...