Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Friday!

This week I'm loving

All Bird's Accomplishments

She got Student of The Month, and she exceeded expectations in both math and reading on the standardized testing.  Way to go Bird!  I'm so proud of who she is.  She's so clever and smart and cute.  I just adore her.

Forgive the big pink blob in the middle of the picture.  I try to keep some things off my blog for privacy reasons.  When she got dressed this morning she put on a sweatshirt with the state university on it.  I told her I couldn't put a picture of her to celebrate getting Student of the Month on my blog if she was going to wear that sweatshirt.  She decided that she would wear it on the walk to school (after all, it is her favorite sweatshirt) and she would take it off for the award ceremony.  It seemed like a reasonable compromise.  Once we were at the school I chatted with her teacher before the ceremony about how proud I am of Bird.  When they were ready to hand out the awards Bird started taking her sweatshirt off.  I explained to her teacher why she was taking it off, and we both burst into laughter as the offending state specific sweatshirt was removed to reveal she was wearing a t-shirt underneath that proudly displayed the name of her school and the mascot.  I decided then and there that a big pink blob would have to do, and it was probably time to have another internet safety talk with the children.

I'm loving


It is chilly enough in the morning to wear socks.  Makes my heart feel happy.  You would not believe how far I had to lean over to get a picture of my feet.  And I've still got blurry baby bump in the picture.  (P.S.  Those are my BFF Socks, I think they are holding up quite nicely and are probably my favorite pair of socks.  I just love that colorway.)

Speaking of baby...I'm loving

My Sassy Baby!

You know you're going to have a spirited child when they're already sticking their tongue out at you in ultra sound photos.  If the amount of pure sass she is showing is any indication, this baby is going to come out ready to conquer the world!   I might be a biased parent, but I can already tell, she is going to be one cute kid.  I'm 30 weeks today, and I've delivered three out of four of my children at 37 weeks.  My pregnancy is going by so fast!  She's going to be here before you know it!

Finally I'm loving

My Sweater!

Let me just apologize right now for the bad self-portraits.  I think having the top of your head in a picture is over-rated anyways.  And I know you were all too busy staring at my big ole belly to notice either the sweater or the fact that the top of my head is missing.

The pattern is called Spirited.  It is the grown-up version of the sweater I knit Bird for Christmas.  I loved that sweater when it was child sized, and I love it even more for me.  I used yarn I recycled from a store bought sweater.  It is fuzzy and soft and warm.  I love it.  I think the long drape-y fronts will double nicely as a nursing cover up once the baby is here.

And that's pretty much all I've got for today.  The kids are doing well in school.  The weather is almost fall-ish.  The Greatest is upstairs sleeping safe and sound in anticipation of his shift tonight.  The dogs are at the back door happily watching birds eat our grass seed.  Dinner is in the crock pot.  And I am so large and round I am about to have my own gravitational pull.

Life is good.  I think it is time to knit!

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AngelKnitter said...

That belly is beautiful, as is the woman growing it. And the sweater?? Swoon!