Monday, June 23, 2014

Confessions of a Lousy Knit Blogger

I admit it.

I've been far to busy here...

to get much of anything done.

But can you blame me when life looks like this...

Silly me.  I thought things might slow down now that school was out, but we are busier and crazier than ever.  There are constant sleep overs.  Seriously, constant.  Kids come and they stay for days. Sometimes a week or so.  I love it.  I love my adopted kids.  But I'm also tempted to get their social security numbers so I can claim them on my taxes.  Squishy has the usual number of weekly appointments, and by usual I mean at least 4 a week.  We are burning our way through our summer bucket list with swimming and popsicles and fro-yo.  Life is good.

And busy.

As I type this I look like this.


I've reached an age where I really ought to start using filters on my photos.  Notice how I've mastered the art of holding the bottle without hands!  Go me!  As Bird would say I'm a "professional" Mom.

Squishy has about an ounce to go, so my one handed typing had better get a move on with what I'm really here to share.

I haven't been crafting but that doesn't mean that stuff isn't getting done.

Bird wanted me to buy her some more yarn.

I flat out refused to buy her yarn until she made something with the yarn she had.

I know.

I'm such a hypocrite.

And I said it had to be something more than just a crochet chain.

Because I'm just the meanest Mom in the whole entire world, that's why.

So this morning, while I desperately tried to pump, and eat breakfast, and wash some laundry and fit in a shower during Squishy's nap, Bird sat down with the newest season of "My Little Pony." (Because she's already learned the best crafting is done while marathoning a tv show on Netflix) and she whipped out a scarf...

for Sweet Pea.

Looks like there will be some yarn shopping in her future.

Lucky girl!

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katie metzroth said...

I don't blame you a bit. I may have taken a month off from blogging to learn the Instagram ropes, but I'm back! :)