Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Show Off The Knitting

Pattern:  Emma's Shawl from Literary Knits

Yarn:  Crystal Palace Yarn Kid Merino

Needles: Size 4 Caspian Needles

Modifications:  None, just gloriously knit as written

Review:  This is one gorgeous piece of knitting, if I do say so myself.

(And how cute is my model!  I made that too!)

I love everything about this shawl.  Knitting it was a joy.  Miles and miles of endless knit stitch.  I haven't slept through the night in six months.  I'm pretty sure I was actually asleep when I knit most of this shawl and was working by muscle memory alone.

I was unsure about the colors when I began this shawl.  I usually knit with solid or semi-solid shades.  I very rarely knit anything besides socks with variegated yarn.  I feared I was creating lacey technicolor clown barf.

One of Pork Chop's friends assured me this was most decidedly not clown barf.  At the very least it was unicorn barf.  Which I hear is way better.  All talk of barf aside, I love the way these colors played together.

See!  So pretty.

Squishy loves it too!

Her joy was so great she forgot her deep seated hatred of my camera and I managed to catch the ever elusive...


I loved this project from the first stitch to the final woven in end.

Maybe someday I will knit this pattern again so I can have an Emma Shawl of my very own.

This project was not destined to be mine.  It was a gift for a woman whose friendship I cherish.  I hope she loves it as much as I love her.

And I've already cast on and almost finished my next project...a sweet summer dress for Squishy.

If I'm lucky I'll get to blog it before she outgrows it!

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Candyce said...

Beautiful shawl, beautiful model, and beautiful baby smile!