Sunday, June 29, 2014

FINALLY Or Maybe #finally


Praise the Lord!

I have finished the time vortex lace chart!

You will be seeing this picture again on Friday as this is definitely my happy moment for the day.

And I'm off to start the next chart.   I wonder how long this one will take me to knit.  I swear I feel like this scarf has me trapped in a time vortex.

I find myself singing as I work.

"This is the scarf that never ends.
It just goes on and on my friend. "

And now you can all carry that little ear worm with you as you continue on your way.

I'd say I'm sorry.   But I'm not.  This is the place where I would hash tag #sorrynotsorry on instagram.

Random fact: I love hashtags.


I have done enough damage for one day.  I'm off to pick up 311 stitches.

If you are so inclined you might want to pray for me.

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