Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Note To Self

Just a little reminder to myself:

The next time you decide "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to do a biased binding on a quilt like real quilters do?"  You need to remember...


You are a Knitter, with a capitol K.

You can knit like its your job.  (and sometimes it actually is your job!  Hooray for you!)

You are a hobby quilter.

A Dabbler.

You do not make real quilts.

You make genuine imitation quilts. 

And that is ok.

You break all the rule of  "REAL" quilting.  You don't do it all by hand.  You use any kind of fabric including *shudder* poly/cotton blends to make a quilt top (the gingham in your current quilt might be straight up poly, take a moment to think about that).  You don't use organic cotton for your batting.  You use acrylic batting that you buy in a bag at Wal Mart.  You use straight cut binding.

That is all ok.

You feel good about your imitation quilts.

So the next time you decide to you need to create bias binding, and do advance geometry with a little bit of calculus, and mark fabric at precise angles, and sew it into origami, only to cut it all up again at impossible angles: remember Nancy Reagan, and just say no.  

For the love of all that is holy...Just...Say...NO

But just in case you decide to ignore yourself...

Cause you know you will...

On the bright side the bias binding is pretty.

We're all just going to pretend it doesn't look identical to straight binding.

But you are one step closer to actually finishing a quilt.

So there is that.

1 comment:

Mattsmom said...

It is going to look awesome amazing, even with the broken rules!