Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Virtues of a Good Nights Sleep

The Queen had two nights of decent sleep this week.

She's probably coming down with something.

She doesn't really have a phase where she is "a little" sick.  She's good one day, and the next she is a cry mess.  You take her to the doctor and discover she has an ear infection so advanced it ruptured her ear drum, or strep throat that is so bad her throat is bleeding.  There is no in between.  And even then, her only symptom is crying.  Doctors look at me like I'm crazy when they ask "What brought you in today."  And I reply "the baby is crying."  I get a sick sense of vindication when they discover something wrong.

So while there are no warning signs, no tugging on the ears, no lethargy, no acting off, I have noticed that the crying mess is proceeded by two nights of really great sleep.  Two nights where I start to believe there is a chance I could someday have a normal life once more, where I start to feel semi-human.  It is only two nights, but it is just enough so that the crying every hour on the hour all night long seems extra cruel in comparison to that little glimmer of what life could be.

I put The Queen to bed at 8:20 tonight.  At 9:00 she woke up screaming at the top of her lungs.

It's going to be a fun night.

I will fondly remember the two nights of almost perfect sleep I did have.

And I put those two nights to good use.  I have been CRUSHING IT.  House is reasonably clean.  I've made dinner every night.  The kids have gone to school with their hair brushed this week.  Even The Greatest noticed I was just smiling for no apparent reason.

Sleep will do that for you.

I have ten rows to go on my Knit Picks project and I will be DONE.  It is super cute too.  I hope I remember to post it when it shows up in the catalog.  But until then, no pictures allowed.

I knit not only one sleeve...

But TWO on my tweedy sweater. (yes that is the Queen trying to get my needle, she loves all things knitting.  It makes my heart happy)  I have a love hate relationship with tweed.  On one hand I love it.  I love it.  I love it.  On the other hand, sometimes it looks like my sweater needs to spend some time with a lint roller.  Earlier tonight I was loving my tweedy sweater.  So soft, and cuddly, and warm, and tweedy.  But now.  Just now.  Looking at the picture.  It looks like that time the dogs got my Aidez Sweater and took it ouside and rolled around with it in the dry grass.  I was picking vegetable matter out of it for weeks.

I spent my afternoon today...


I am so excited to have this quilt done.  This was LITERALLY fifteen years in the making.  I tore the inspiration picture out of a Pottery Barn catalog when I was pregnant with Pork Chop.  That is how long I have loved this quilt.  My rendition is fatally flawed.  My quilting technique is full of mistakes.  But I love it.  And Sweet Pea loves it.  She says the best part is that I made it just for her.  She was so excited at bedtime to pull it into her tent with her to go to sleep.

For Christmas she got a tent that goes on her bed and hooks under her mattress.  It is pretty awesome.  I'm trying to find one to fit our king size mattress.  It doesn't have to be Frozen like hers.  Any old tent of proper dimension will do.  I'd even use a Barney tent if it fit my bed.

I am now in that dangerous place where I remember that I love quilts.  And I love making quilts.  I love the fabric,  I love the textures of the seams.  I love the puffy of the quilting lines.  I love the neat little border of color the binding provides.  I love quilts.  Love love love love love.  I ran to Wal Mart and bought this...

Yes, that is TWO packages of Polyester Batting.

I not only need to finish The Queen Bean's quilt, but I figured that while I was loving quilting I would go ahead and try to finish the quilt I made from Sweet Pea's baby clothes.

The finished top has only been sitting in The Abyss since 2010.

Will I actually finish the baby clothes quilt?

I make no promises.

But I have the batting just in case.

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