Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Day 2

It is Day 2

My Grown Up Girl grows.

I been knitting with my favorite knitting buddy

She has decided to knit a sweater this summer, and I have to say knitting with Pork Chop is the BEST.THING.EVER!

She makes me hot chocolate in my favorite mug.

(yes, my nails are naked.  Again.)

And we marathon Pretty Little Liars.  She mocks their unfortunate costume choices and I get to drop little gems of wisdom on her like "Your skirt should be longer than your shirt" and Never wear more than one animal print at a time."  (Aria, I'm looking at you.)

I'm enjoying the bonding time and all, but the knitting?  I'm over it.

I'm just over it.

I made modifications the last time I knit this sweater.  And I didn't take good any notes.  And the fit turned out so perfect, so I HAVE to remember what mods I made so I can have the perfect fitting sweater.  But I can't remember.  Not a clue.

I'm over trying to remember.

I'm over the pressure to mod it for a perfect fit.

I'm over knitting with crinkly frogged yarn.

I'm over knitting this pattern that I've knit fifteen billion times before.

Does anyone know where I can just buy a Grown Up Girl sweater?

In the mean time did y'all see the new issue of Knitty is up?

Way back in the dark ages of the internet infancy Knitty was the only game in town for online knitting pattern.  There weren't any local sources for knitting patterns.  I'd already knit everything from the lone knitting book my library offered.  I used to pour over each new Knitty issue, desperate for a pattern I would like to knit.  Some issues were better than others.  But as the online market for patterns widened Knitty made some interesting creative choices and after fifteen or so issues without a single pattern that sparked my interest Knitty and I parted ways.  Honestly I didn't even realize it was still around.  But it is.

And I'm obsessed with the idea of


I am so ready to rip the needles from Grown Up Girl to use them to cast on for Jamestown.  I've recently queued a ton of sweaters with this big slouchy silouette on Ravelry.  So this slobby cabled sweater is right up my alley.  And I have some grey yarn that I *think* is enough to knit this sweater in my stash (yarn chicken anyone?).

I'm tempted.

Really tempted.

Or maybe I need to knit a Baker Street Scarf.

Two days in, and I'm ready to bail.

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