Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 3

Three days in and I surrender.

I tried to be an adult.

I tried to persevere.

I can do hard things.

And knitting this sweater is HARD.

I'm not enjoying it.

But I'm pushing through the pain with thoughts of how awesome I'm going to look in my finished sweater.  Every single stitch will be worth it when I am sporting my flattering belted silhouette this winter.

But then I took a progress picture.

I wanted to whine about the obvious line of demarcation between where I started this sweater with the last two skein of virgin yarn, and where I switched to the crinkly frogged abused yarn.

Cause that line is there.

And obvious line is obvious.

I was just hoping that it would all block out in the end.

What else was I supposed to do.

And then I saw it.

You see it too don't you.

About two inches down from the needles.


Five stitches of rust stained yarn.  Two inches from the needles.  Two inches of work that needed to be frogged so I could remove the offending little "v"s.

My heart can't take anymore.  My purple yarn has been returned to ball form (minus the offending section).  And this?

This is my gauge swatch for Jamestown.

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katie metzroth said...

and I don't blame you one damn bit. :) I'm 1% considering Jamestown myself even though it's already 95 outside.