Monday, June 29, 2015



I have two mostly finished Tardis Socks!

They even both say "Police Box"!

I am super excited.

They are mostly finished because I want to try them on my Dad to double check the fit before I cut the yarn and weave in all the ends.

I know you're confused.

You're thinking to yourself "Wait, doesn't your Dad live 2,000 miles away?"

Why yes.

Yes he does.

But in 9 short days the Eagle will be landing.

We are all super excited.

In the mean time, I have the best friends ever!  They go on vacation and I get the super cool souvenir.

They know me so well.

And in true Tardis fashion it is bigger on the inside.

It doesn't look it, but it can easily hold two almost finished socks.

And to tide over the Grandpa until he can cuddle a Queen...

She is looking forward to spending lots and lots of time in the pool with you.

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Candyce said...

I love the socks! And have a lovely visit with your Dad.