Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Right Back On That Horse

So maybe sweaters aren't my "thing" anymore.

Who am I kidding.  They totally are my thing.

I big fat puffy heart sweaters.  It's like wearing a hug.  I love extra long sleeves, and smooshy fabric.  I love cables and lace and bobbles and cardigans that I can never find buttons for.  

Sweaters are my favorite.

But I need to take a teensy weensy break from sweaters. 

It's not them.  

It's me.

There's been too much heart break and ruined yarn.

I took Katie's brilliant advice and cast on for some socks.  Some simple relaxing easy peasy socks.

I also decided I had waited long enough.  It was time to break into the stash of new yarn.

and of course I picked the yarn planned for color work socks.  Not the beautiful black/green/silver yarn or the yummy pink yarn.  No I picked up the colorwork.  The very opposite of relaxing.

What could possibly go wrong?


I've already knit a sock that said "POLICE BCX"

I should have taken a second to take a picture of that before I ripped it to pieces.  

What else could go wrong?

I'm sure I'll find new and inventive ways to ruin a Tardis.

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AngelKnitter said...

I think I would have proudly worn police bcx socks.