Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ramblings of a Bad Blogger

First things first...

After nine very long, very odd weeks, I finally managed to

Paint my nails.

I know you were all very concerned about my lack of polish.  Frankly I was worried too.  It really is a symptom of larger issues.  My nails are not meant to be naked.  But now they are sparkly purply/red, and all is once again right with the world.

On the knitting front, I have finished yet another baby sweater...

That brings the total to five finished baby sweaters and zero pictures of the baby in a baby sweater.

Of course I promptly cast on for, you guessed it, a baby sweater.

Only this one is actually the bodice for a dress, not a full baby sweater, so that's something right?  I'm hoping I might have enough yarn left to knit matching leg warmers.  How cute would that be?!!!!

I know I don't NEED all these baby items. I've only got the one baby.  And we live in a climate where there are a finite number of opportunities for the baby to wear a sweater. But I can't stop knitting them.  I just can't.  They call to me.  I just have all these left over ends of yarn that are just big enough for a smooshy baby sweater.  And when the yarn wants to be a smooshy baby sweater who am I to argue?

I am still rocking the purple hair.

(check out that bathroom mess, and unmade bed.  I'm keeping it real for you guys.)

Just as my nails were meant to sparkle, my hair was meant to be purple.  This is the color it was always supposed to be.  Unfortunately it bleeds like you wouldn't believe.  Swimming season is upon us, and the fact that water makes my hair bleed lavender presents some problems.  I fear that once my hair is all faded I will have to wait until the fall to resume my life as a Fairy Princess.  I know.  First World Problems right?  (Although The Greatest has informed me that I am NOT a Fairy Princess, I'm the freaking Fairy Queen. I can live with that.)


Ann Dolina said...

You might wanna try adding some purple hair extensions for the summer. It's not all over purple, but they don't fade or bleed and you'd still have a pop of color. I wanted kool-aid blue hair badly years back, but it fades so super fast to a pukey yellow green that in the end I opted for the extensions. They looked great for months and when I was done I just cut the ties and I was back to normal.

katie metzroth said...

If you're a "bad blogger" I'm not sure what that makes me. :) he hee! I've been so bad about blogging ever since I discovered IG. :) But, thanks for being a better blogger than I am! I enjoy your posts. :)