Thursday, October 27, 2005


Whew, the frenzied sewing of Halloween 2005 is over. And we all survived with most of our body parts. I did sacrifice a chunk of my finger when I accidentally got it too close to the running sewing machine. But last night at 9:45 I put the final stitch into Meaty's costume and I was done. They're going to wear them to a very special Halloween playgroup today so I'll post pictures tomorrow. Pork Chop will be wearing her dress for four out of the next five days. She has playgroup today, her school party tomorrow, a Halloween party Saturday, we're taking Sunday off from the dress (although she might convince me to let her wear it to church if it is clean), then on Monday we have trick-or-treat. Hope the dress holds up. Final measurement on the hem was SEVEN inches. I had to shorten that puppy seven inches, on a bell shaped dress. I was too lazy to cut it, so the dress has a four inch hem. I don't claim to be a seamstress, just a Mom who is to cheap to buy a real Halloween costume.

After I finished to costumes I needed serious de-stressing. So look what I did

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I made a heel. I've never done top down socks before so a heel turn was new and a strange sort of magic. Very fun to do. I have discovered a flaw in the top-down versus toe-up debate. With toe-up it is hard to run out of yarn. When the yarn is gone you just bind off and that's how long the leg is. With top-down you have to be sure you have enough yarn because if you run out before you get to the toe, well, you're screwed. I personally don't think toeless socks are a good idea, but I've been wrong before. Boy I hope I have enough yarn to get to the toe.


Anonymous said...

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MamaMoo13 said...

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desert knits said...

Hey, it's not about being cheap. I bet those costumes are cooler, better quality, and more original than anything the kids' friends show up in.
Those socks are adorable. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't run out of yarn.

Kim said...

Congrats on finishing the costumes! Post pics!!

Looks as though you've got that socks on circs thing down. I could use some tips from you!