Saturday, October 01, 2005

Moving day my butt

It's moving day. So why am I here blogging instead of carrying heavy things up and down stairs?

Funny story.

Last week I went to see our apartment and it had cat feces in the garage and the basement had mold and smelled worse than the garage. So I went back to the rental office to make sure they were going to have the apartment ready in a week. The woman at the rental office was annoyed with me for even asking. She didn't want to let me in the apartment in the first place. She kept telling me it wasn't ready yet. I understand that. I wasn't asking about the missing blinds or the half installed flooring. I was concerned about actual animal waste and potentially harmful mold being in a place I am supposed to live with my family. When I came back the woman wouldn't listen to my concerns. She brushed me aside saying that she had told me the apartment wasn't ready yet, but they had a week and they could get it ready in two day.

So yesterday I went to pick up the keys to the apartment and guess what....The apartment ISN'T READY. Sure they picked up the cat poop and scraped the mold off, but the smell? It's not just lingering, it's threatening a hostile take over. They assured me that they had used emulsifier on the basement three times, and now they were going to use a sealant to seal the smell in (does that sound like a bad idea to anyone else?) They had also decided yesterday at three o'clock in the afternoon that they needed to replace the carpet and padding in the entire apartment. Why on earth would they wait until the day before I'm supposed to move in before making a decision like that?

So here I sit. Cooling my heels. Waiting for the sealant to dry and the carpet to be laid.

On the bright side I get all new carpet.

On the other hand I blame this on Boyd.


knittinmom said...

Ugh - that is all a little bit horrifying. You know, you could always send Boyd to the metal forge and have him melted down, although I have a feeling he would rise up again out of the molten metal, kind of like the guy in Terminator II.

rebel knits said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Wish I could be nearly as creative. Loved your stitch markers I made some for myself a couple of months ago, using beads and using polymer clay beads that I made myself. Hope you get moved OK. Thanks for all the inspiration.