Sunday, October 09, 2005

Public Service Announcement

No matter how tired you are, even if you have a good excuse for being tired, like packing and moving and unpacking and arranging furniture and painting (alright watching The Greatest paint) all the while taking care of five children

Let me repeat NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU ARE do not

a) put the beautiful matching hand knit socks you made for your daughters in the wrong laundry pile resulting in them being washed on warm, not cold.


b) being unaware that they are in said wrong load proceed to dry them in the DRYER instead of laying them flat to dry.

Let me assure you that the end result will be a two small pairs of socks only fit for dolls. They will also be lightly felted so they can not be blocked back to size.

Not that I would do a thing like that and then quickly order two new balls of sock yarn from knitpicks to make replacement socks. No, I'm just saying that when you are tired things like this can possibly happen and people should be warned.


kimberly said...

Oh baby, it's a good thing this didn't happen to you. Things like this never happen to me either. If it had happened to you I would say get knitting, girl, and you're not at all alone in your tired confusion!! I'm just saying.

rincaro said...

Yeeks! Good to see you though.

Amy said...

Ugh~I'm sorry!
Glad to see you back...

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