Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What I really need

I've been sewing my poor little fingers to the bone. I put the zipper, neck, sleeves and belt on Pork Chop's costume. Now I just need to make the aforementioned six inch hem.

I made Bird's skirt, belt, and bag. She just needs her head-dress.

I've made Meaty's belt, and had The Greatest puffy paint his logo on his shirt. I just need to make some Super-hero underwear for him to wear on the outside of his costume.

Whew, I'm tired, and I've saved the hardest parts for last.

Last week Jackie tagged me and I know I need to do Jackie's tag, but I'm pondering truly odd things about myself. I asked The Greatest and he had a whole list just off the top of his head. Thanks for the love. So while I think I did this one.

Google your name and the word needs. I googled my real name, not Goddess. Here's what came up.
1. Goddess needs help!!! (This was at the TOP of the list. The exclamation points was there. You can't make this stuff up. Do the people at Google know me personally?)
2. Goddess needs a flu shot - like really really NEEDS a flu shot (Since I had the flu last week I think it's a bit late for that)
3. Goddess needs a new pair of shoes (or two or three)
4. Goddess needs a loving home and help with her veterinary expenses (Please adopt me, I'm housebroken and come with yarn)
5. Goddess needs to be found (Hide and Seek anyone?)
6. Goddess needs to decide if this fits her idea of a good relationship (are we talking about Boyd here, cause I already know the answer)
7. Goddess needs sex (that's a bit personal)
8. Goddess needs to get another facial expression for deep ponderance (that's a bit mean)
9. Goddess needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will power (are we talking about yarn here)
10. Goddess needs a new diaper (probably)

Why wasn't sleep on the list because I think what I really really need is sleep? And more time to knit, and a personal chef, and a housekeeper, and a winning lottery ticket. Any body have any of those things just lying around?


tArA nIcHoLe said...

I'll adopt you... but you have to forfeit the yarn... or at least share! :)

candsmom said...

Sorry I don't have any of the above. I do, however, have a working sewing machine, but you're not allowed to touch it. ;-) Neither am I, for that matter. I'd like it to stay in proper working condition.

desert knits said...

Take your time with the taggage - I know I did.
I can't wait to see the costumes! I can't sew to save my life.