Monday, October 10, 2005


I have a small confession to make. I've actually had internet access for almost a week. I'm sorry I've neglected you. I've just been busy, what with the kids, and the unpacking and the finding of the yarn. I apologize, to make up for it I have pictures. Lots of pictures. I know I can buy your forgiveness with pictures.

Here's my almost finished corset with sleeves in the required pose on my sheets.

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I knit the first sleeve with a lace repeat at the bottom.

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I actually think the lace with where it hits on my body is just too busy. It detracts from the pattern of the bodice. I think the second sleeve which is simple rib will look better.

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Then I seem to have caught a case of start-itis.

I've got my corset to finish. Not to mention the rosebud afghan. Plus Bird's sweater (I could put it off over the summer, but now that it's cold I have no excuse). Let's not even talk about Evil.

So here I am with all this stuff to do and I'm going to join Socktober. I've already made my balls of Sock Garden yarn.

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I'm thinking of using the Straight Lace pattern from Knitty. But I'm open to suggestions.

I've also finally cast on for Hopeful.

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Notice the pretty stitch marker. I've decided to be brave and use pattern as written for the most part. It has been suggested that horizontal ribbing on the hips might not be the most flattering, but hey, I live life on the edge. I am loving the Merino Style yarn from knit picks. I think it would have been lovely to use for the corset as well.

And for a final picture I am letting you into a place few people get to go.

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This is my bedroom. To truly understand the significance of this picture I have to give a little background on me. My bedroom is sacred. It is never messy, there are never clothes on the floor, and my bed is always made. It is the prettiest room of the house, my favorite room of the house. Or it was at my old house. Now it is a depositing place for things we don't know what to do with yet. There are no unpacked boxes in any other room of the house (they are mostly hidden in the basement). Yet for some reason my room has been the last to be unpacked and it will probably be the last to get painted. I'm sure my hair dryer is in here somewhere. But I'm not sure where. People who know me in real life will now forgive the way my hair looked in church on Sunday.

On the plus side, in all this mess Boyd has "accidentally" been misplaced in the move. I'm sure he'll find a good home. Evil is also "mysteriously" missing. You don't think the two incidents are related do you?

In an unrelated note, and I add this only because The Greatest will be devastated if I don't point this out, did you notice the ugly monitor on the floor, and the pretty one on the left on the desk? The Greatest was gifted with a new computer for his birthday. Isn't it pretty. I must admit I'm loving the flat screen monitor and the fact that the disk drives all work, and it doesn't crash on a regular basis. Please ohh and ahh over his new toy.


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kimberly said...

oooh aaah and I mean that. My monitor gets darker and then lighter. It's time for a new one and I'm very jealous of his. I've joined Socktober, too but don't give up hope on your corset, it looks great so far.