Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good things never die!

Silly girl.

Did she really think it would be that easy to get rid of me? (insert evil laugh here)(Don't forget to use a deep voice, with an evil accent).

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So she thinks she really "accidentally" downloaded the wrong version of the pattern into her palm. Give me a break. It was sooooo simple to make the switch. Sure she had a password on her Palm but "I hate Boyd" wasn't too hard to crack. I almost died laughing when I saw her try on her sweater with the too low neckline. It was too sweet. My plans are falling together perfectly.

This is my next evil act

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Her precious Socktober socks. (yes the picture is fuzzy and bad, but give me a break, I don't have opposable thumbs) She had knit an inch and a half, the ribbing was done, she was all set to start the lace repeats tomorrow. Imagine her surprise when she awakens tomorrow to find there is less than a half an inch done. She'll wonder how she measured so wrong. She'll never suspect I unraveled all her work.

She is sooo simple, so trusting. Sure she changed her password after the last time I hijacked her blog but again "Death to Boyd" wasn't hard to figure out. I think my next move is to find this "Evil" she keeps talking about. I think it could be useful to my cause. (insert evil laugh here)


shizzknits said...

Oooooo Boyd, *YOU* better watch out- when we discover your secret weakness you'll be in trouble.

How dare you unravel her knitting!

I don't think you'll be all that confident if we get some scissors out to apply to your cord. HA!

candsmom said...

Back away from the Palm, Boyd. I've got a wooden stake and holy water. Clever Boyd, you probably have a necromancer laying around for such a deathly occasion, don't you?

Get out of my way, Boyd. The rest of this message is for Mamma :-) Thanks so much for the advice about the toe-up pattern. I'm going to re-look at that mangled sock and try and reconcile it with the pattern. It's VERY possible that the picked-up and wrapped stitches are mistakenly down the middle- that makes a LOT of sense and would definitely account for the wonkiness.