Monday, November 06, 2006


So I picked my Little Brother up at the airport this weekend.

dinner, hey, we gotta eat

He has a week of vacation and he's spending it with us. I'm afraid that for my poor single bachelor brother the shock of constant children is a bit much. But after some hiding with the computer establishing contact with his real world this morning he is doing fine. I really think he's here to make me finish his socks. He was barely out of baggage claim and he wanted to know about his socks.

I asked him what he wanted to do this week. Did he want to sight-see? Did he want to go to the pool? Did he want to just hang? Did he want to learn to knit?

He wants to find a scorpion and poke it with a stick.


So to the desert we headed.

on an adventure

Notice he's got his stick all ready.

We found bugs under a rock to poke.

poking bugs

We found holes in a cactus to poke.

poking a cactus

We found a dried up cactus to poke.

pokey pokey pokey

That was so much fun every one had to poke it.

watch out we've all got sticks

He climbed to the top of the mountain.

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Took a little time to enjoy the view.

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We even found a lizard, a bee hive, a cotton tail and a bird, none of whom were poked with a stick.

But alas, we did not find a scorpion.

I'm gonna spend a lot of time in the desert this week. Aren't I?

On a different but related note. I'm so happy to see my Brother, but it also makes me sad. My dear friend Katrina lost her brother in a car accident. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. And if you have a Brother....give him a call....... to say you love him.............


Lynda said...

That is bittersweet.

I love all the pictures with your kids and your brother... and the poking with sticks ;O)

I'm going to my brothers for dinner tonight.... we're celebragting my son's 21st birthday (I CANNOT believe that) - and we were all blessed to be together yesterday for a 50th Anniversary party for my parents.... all three of us kids pitching in together to pull it off. We were very reminded of how blessed we actually are.

I'm SO sorry for your friends loss. It makes me even more mindful, thoughtful, and thankful.

Katrina said...

I loved your post. Cherish the moments with your brother.

Amy said...

So much fun, you can poke it with a stick.
I'm glad you had a nice time with your brother.