Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've had other things on my mind

I know my blogs been dead lately.

I haven't featured any cute pictures of my kids,

Cheesy Thanksgiving Bird

or pictures of knitting,

When did I have time to knit this?

(why yes that is a nearly finished sweater I have yet to blog about)

no silly stories that I tell just because I like to write.

I've been busy!

There was this little holiday called Thanksgiving. Poor thing gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, hardly gets noticed there. Kinda like flag day. Every year my family eats until we can't stand it, wait an hour, and eat some more. I spent three days baking in preparation. I'd forgotten how much I love to bake. I love to measure and pour and stir. I love to knead bread dough. I love the whirl and slight smell of smoke from my tiny mixer (I'm beginning to covet a Kitchen Aid). My results are always iffy (we shall never speak of the chocolate almond biscotti) but I try hard, and with my little "helpers" it's always an adventure (remember the biscotti).

After the three mad mad days of cooking, we had four mad mad days of eating. There was the initial turkey dinner, then three more days of reheated sweet potato casserole. I love Thanksgiving.

Of course we continued with our yearly tradition of decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. But The Greatest loves it more. We put garland, lights, and bows on anything that stands still. The dog is afraid to take a nap lest she wake up and find herself plugged in. Some of you may remember this debacle from last year. This year we got smart. When we moved in we left a corner for the tree.

perfect placement

So bright you can knit by it!

Although I was sad we didn't go on a yarn spree for black Friday once again.

I've made prizes for lacevember, and a few other knitting related presents,

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Christmas pillows for the couch,

Knitting fun

And a new project bag for myself, you know, since the sewing machine was already out and everything.

I love paisley

And don't worry Dad, I haven't forgotten your sweater.

Super Secret Surprize

That's just all I'm going to show you!

So as you can see I've been busy. I'll try harder from now on.


Bezzie said...

I'm loving that nearly finished sweater. Can't wait to read about that one!

del said...

Holy moly, have you been busy! That sweater is to-die-for.

shiguy4076 said...

I love your sweater. You have been a busy girl.

Zonda said...

Go you! The bags and SM's look great! Your sweater (is it for you?) awesome! Your Dad's sweater, what I can see looks really nice too!

But those pillows!! RED! Love them!
And the tree is really gorgeous, I just love white lights!

Areli said...

You have been one busy lady, love the cushions you made, and looking forward to hearing more about the sweater.