Friday, November 17, 2006

The end of the war draws nigh

I'm afraid I won't live to see the end.

My Socks of Doom are in the mail as I speak.

But if you think I'm going down alone you obviously don't know me.

I'm taking Miss Mermaid on my way out.

I FINALLY received my Sock-In-Progress last night.

Loaded Sock of Doom

As you can see there was very little left to do. An hour later I had this

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So now Miss Mermaid is on death watch as well.

I'm actually glad to be getting my Sock of Doom. The Sock War is going to end in a knit off. Sock Monkey will post her address and foot measurements and the first person to get a pair of socks to her wins. But Sock Monkey lives in the UK, and I just can't pony up the money to overnight a pair of socks overseas. Forget it. Plus rather than redistribute the socks to the final participants she is donating them to charity. Which is nice. Charity knitting is noble and good. But the Sock Warriors have put a lot of time in knitting multiple pairs of sock, and money in postage to end up with nothing. So I'm glad I'll be getting my lovely Socks Of Doom, and am happy to have made it this far, even if I never really stood a chance of winning. I think in a tournament style, knitter vs knitter, knit off, I could have stood a good chance to win. But this waiting for SIPs and mailing overseas is just too random. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted.


Zonda said...

Wow, so like how many pairs did you end up knitting? Well you made it pretty darn close to the end! :)
I so aspire to knit socks as fast as you! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Although, I am killing you before I sign off! Thanks for being such a great sport. Enjoy the SOD!! Janet

Areli said...

It's been fun watching you play, I have the same question as Zonda, how many pairs did you knit?

Katrina said...

Great effort in the sock wars. It definitely was fun while it lasted, though many kinks need to be worked out if it were ever to be held again.

By the way, did you know that you can get credit for your socks of doom in the Mystery Sock kal? Your brother's cool socks would probably qualify as well. Make sure you get the asterisk by your name by the 23rd of this month to be entered into the drawing for swag. One can never have too much swag, after all.

kimberly said...

You sure do knit fast!! Love the socks.