Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sock Wars Dilemma

So I finally received my next Sock Wars WIP last night. I was so excited. I really want another kill under my belt before I get killed, which I know is coming soon.

I tear open my package and find a complete sock

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and a deflated looking skein of yarn (not pictured).

I had concerns about the amount of yarn left, but trying to trust the other Sock Warrior I cast on last night. I knit through Lost. I knit for about forty-five minutes while I chatted with The Greatest, who is very busy with training for his job and I haven't really seen at all lately. Then I gave up for the night.

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Pretty good progress for one night. Only I didn't give up because I was tired. I didn't give up to go to bed, or because I was bored, or because I just plain old had better things to do.

I gave up because I ran out of yarn.

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(Penny included for scale)

So now what?

I guess you could say I ran out of ammo. Worse yet, my assassin could realize I'm out of ammo and pick now to go in for the kill. I've got a foot to go, and no yarn. Nothing in my stash matches these colors. I don't think I even have any sport weight yarn of any color at all in my stash. I gifted most of my stash when I moved, taking with me only yarn designated for specific projects.

This could be the excuse I've been looking for to drive forty minutes away to the GREATEST YARN SHOP IN THE WORLD (and just happen to buy the new Vogue Knitting Holiday '06). But I don't think my pocketbook could withstand such an expedition.


*losses interest and walks away mumbling something about a stupid short yarn skein*


Lynda said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I think you've been sabotaged!

Areli said...

Oh no! That totally sucks, not fair!

Anonymous said...

man, i am so sorry! i was just thinking tonight about sock wars, wondering if it was still going on. i'm long dead! this stinks. :( good luck with a resolution, hope it works out. (I am also lusting over VK, that scarf on the cover alone (sigh)