Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's all relative

I've been thinking about my brother's socks. About how big they are. But you know they're not really that big. They're big, bigger than my feet, bigger than The Greatest's, but not freakishly big. Not record making big. Just bigger than my family.

I guess I just thought they were so large because I've been making a record amount of little girl socks. They were especially tickled to get this matching set.

Little Socks

Larger for Pork Chop, smaller for Bird.

Which prompted Pork Chop to declare that "Bob"

Poor Bob

Needed a pair too.

Spiffy socks Bob

But that wasn't enough. Not only did Bob need a pair but

I'm seeing double

"Back-up Bob" also needed a pair.

So when you've been knitting toy booties now wonder real feet seem impossibly huge.

Don't worry "Hippo" and "Carrots"

Poor Sockless creatures

I'm working on your socks.

It's amazing that I've had something like 16 skeins of this now discontinued colorway and not one skein has gone to make ME a pair of sock.


Megan Schaffer said...

I love the sockettes. Can you share how you modified the pattern to make them for kids/toddlers?

Lynda said...

Bob and back-up-Bob.... to cute. Such a kid thing. I have so many memories of those cute days when they were just always so.... well, CUTE!

Areli said...

Oh, that's hilarious! What a great mom to make socks for all the stuffies feet :-)

shiguy4076 said...

I love the bob's socks. You're too sweet.

Josie said...

oh my - too cute - sitting here giggling to myself ...

Zonda said...

You amazing sockknitter you! Ha! love them all! Oh and if you run out and don't get a pair for have 2 skeins in reserve for ya! :)

Kim said...

How cute! Back up Bob cracked me up, and I love how the others are waiting so patiently for their pairs :o)