Saturday, August 10, 2013

Betrayed by My Love

I have been having a well documented, long standing, and dare I say it, torrid love affair with Knit Picks.

From the moment I looked at their shiny shiny catalog with all the pretty pictures of soft smooshy yarn paired prices I could actually afford, I was smitten.

Admittedly, some of their yarn did not live up to my aspirations.  I found Wool of the Andes to be on the itchy side and I was not a fan.  My first experience with Essential Sock Yarn was underwhelming as well.  It was stiff, and rather unpleasant to knit with.  Granted the socks I made in 2005 are still wearing like iron, while newer softer socks have succumbed to holes, so there is that.  But there is something to be said for enjoying the process of creation, and I most definitely did not enjoy the process of creating with Essential Sock yarn circa 2005.

As the years have passed Knit Picks has improved the quality of their yarn.  Essential Sock yarn is now as smooshy as advertised (only time will tell if it still wears like iron.)  Have you knit with City Tweed yet?  It is uh-mazing.  Someday I will have a sweater knit from City Tweed.  I will not lie, these days most of my experience knitting with Knit Picks yarn comes from knitting FOR Knit Picks. But they do not pay me to endorse their yarn.  Which is a shame.  I would be rich from all the times I've recommended their yarn.

But not today.

Today my beloved Knit Picks has let me down.

I had this beautiful sock knit with Knit Picks Felici sock yarn.

So pretty right?  I'm in love.  It wasn't a problem, but when I finished the sock I only had maybe 5 yards of yarn left.  It was a photo finish.  Which is unusual for Knit Picks yarn.  Usually I have enough left over to make a baby sock.  But not this time.

When I began my second sock I didn't bother trying to make the stripes match.  I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn for those kinds of knitting shenanigans.  I do make my socks match, using the same number of rows on each leg, duplicate heels, same rows on the foot.  So essentially a duplicate sock and still

I ran out of yarn.  And that sad little sock includes every inch of the skein, AND the last five yards I had left over from the first sock.

I'll admit it, by the time I ran out of yarn last night I was just completely over it.  Done with the socks, done with dpns, done with Knit Picks.


I'm sure later today I'll pull a similar colored yarn from the left over stash and finish the toe.  But last night I wasn't going to deal with it.  Plus it was dark out and I wanted sunlight to compare shades of brown.  I could have given up and gone to bed at that point, but I still had 38  minutes left on the show I was watching.  I had to have something to do during those 38 minutes.  Because watching TV only for the sake of watching TV just doesn't feel right.

So I went WIP diving in the Abyss.  I discovered an alarming number of WIPs.  Turns out I spent the summer casting on and abandoning projects willy nilly all over the place.  I pulled out another sweater dangerously near completion.

Turns out I may have a problem with Second Sleeve Syndrome.  But that is a tale for another day.


Nancy McCarroll said...

You are too funny. Glad you are stalking me. I will do likewise.

katie metzroth said...

well. That is a huge bummer! best of luck matching browns!!!

bells5r said...

Hi, just received my knitpicks catalog are you the cover model?

Michelle said...

You're scaring me a bit! I'm knitting up Knitpicks sock yarn circa 2006 and making wild gambles, hoping that there'll be close to the same amount in both skeins. But at least mine are toe-up, so a mistake won't be quite as disastrous.