Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sabotage or Good Timing?

So remember the other day when I said I didn't know what Joji would design next, but I was sure I would want to knit it?

Look what Joji just published!

Yup, I wanna knit it.   And I think I have some yarn in my stash that would be lovely with this design.  And there is a coupon code for 20% off all Joji's patterns until August 31st.!!

Which is hard.

I am full of knitting ADD.  And while I have been trying to remain steadfast and faithful to my orange sweater, we all know how hard knitting monogamy is for me.  I'm good with the whole marriage monogamy thing.  Have you seen how drop dead handsome my Husband is?  He really is The Greatest.  He make marriage monogamy easy.  But knitting monogamy? Totally different thing, and I don't even see a reason to try.

But the orange sweater has been so delightful to knit.  The pattern is from another one of my favorite designers.  Her designs are classic and endlessly wearable.  I love her.  I probably have six of her designs in my Ravelry queue.  Let's not forget the fact that her patterns are so well written.  I knit one once while on narcotics, and it turned out perfect.  The orange sweater is a fairly mindless knit that I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting.  I haven't needed any mods.  I haven't done any math.  I haven't frogged anything (yet).  Just mindlessly following the pattern with gorgeous results.  No reason to stray when I am having so much fun right?

No I was knitting merrily along, resisting the siren song of a new shiny knit, when I was sabotaged.

See my beautiful sleeve?

Yeah, maybe not so beautiful in this light.  Plus it is unblocked lace, so it is kinda lumpy, but trust me, it is a beauty.  I'd knit the entire body of my sweater and I was almost half way done with the sleeve when the worst happened.

I was using my beautiful Sunstruck wood needles and thinking how much I have grown to love them.  I was thinking of blogging my new found love for Sunstruck needles.  When I first bought my needles I wasn't a huge fan.  They were gorgeous.  I love the look of the bare wood.  But they were grabby.  I don't enjoy grabby needles.  For me the slicker the better.  I want my yarn to fly off the needles.  My yarn did not fly from my Sunstruck needles.  It kinda chugged along, which is good if you're into that thing, I'm just not.  I couldn't understand why they didn't have the same finish as the Harmony wood needles.  I was a puddle of disappointment.

But while I was a disappointed puddle, I was also a vapid and shallow disappointed puddle.  I love pretty things.  I could not resist using my Sunstruck needles whenever I had need for size 6 knitting needles simply because they were so pretty to knit with.  For the sake of vanity I knit quite a few things with my gorgeous grabby needles, including my orange sweater.  I realized last night that I was enjoying knitting with my needles.  All that knitting must have burnished the wood, because now my needle tips have lost their grabby, and my yarn flies.  I found myself wishing I had a full set of Sunstruck tips.

Yes, there I was happily knitting my lumpy lace, thinking the most complimentary thoughts about my knitting needles when this happened.

Yes, it is another bad, late night picture, but we can all still hold a moment of silence in respect for the tragedy depicted here.  For you muggles, that purple cord is supposed to be connected to that silver thingie on the end of my needle.  The lack of connection renders my pretty pretty needles completely useless.

*in my best William Shatner-esque voice*KNITPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKS! *like Khan, only knitting related*

How you betray my love.  First I'm short on yarn, and now my needles are falling apart.

I might need to console myself during my time of sorrow with a brand new pattern.


katie metzroth said...

I'm starting to be a bit over KnitPicks after the credit card debacle and Dyakcraft having to sue them after KnitPicks copied the Harmony needle design/name AND NOW they've screwed over one of my favorite bloggers. twice. I hope you can get them to send you replacement needles. What a bummer!

I hope you enjoy your new pattern! :)

I hadn't seen the blue procrastination sweater before. She is a BEAUTY and looks great on!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I've never bought anything from Knitpicks (but have been gifted some yarn from there in swaps)...I had bought crochet hooks from Dyakraft (when they were still Grafton Fibers) and I abhor when big companies do that to small companies..(Hubs has owned a small business that was partially killed by Walmart) I have avoided buying from them...(although I will admit to lusting after the Dr. Who inspired yarn they produced)

So sorry about the needle..