Friday, August 30, 2013

Living a Life of Purpose

I had grand plans for today.

You see, in addition to all my mad knitting, I've been crafting.  And it is the best kind of crafting...

Baby Crafting!

I planned to get up and finish my first craft for the nursery.  But that involved diving into the Abyss for supplies.  And since I was going to be in the Abyss anyways I figured I might as well organize it while I'm in there.  And since I'm tearing the Abyss apart to organize it I might as well pull out all my Fall decorations, since everything was going to be out anyways.  And since the decorations were going to be out it seemed like the perfect time to clean and decorate the downstairs, covering every available surface in ceramic pumpkins and fake oak leaves.  And if, after cleaning my house, and decorating for Fall, and organizing all my crafts, if after all that I possessed any energy at all, I was going to finish my baby craft.

All these grand plans I made in my mind as I lay in bed Thursday night contemplating what I am doing with my life.

All these grand plans made in vain.

I woke up this morning with my brain feeling swollen and throbbing.  My stomach felt like a rock and ached, it hurt to move.  My throat felt red and raw, as if someone had replaced it with angry sand paper while I was sleeping.  I have come down with whatever germ du jour is floating around the school.  Oh the joy of being an elementary school parent.

All my grand plans were immediately abandoned.  It was a day of laying on the couch and Netflix.

I might have done a little knitting too.

When I'm lying in bed tonight wondering what I'm doing with my life I can count this as a worthwhile accomplishment right?  I can add this, and the fact that the children have survived to whine another day in the win column right?   And we'll just gloss over the trashy tv marathon I witnessed while I knit.

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