Thursday, August 08, 2013


I had the strangest thing happen today.

I got up and got the kids off to school.  A task that sounds easier than it is.  Four children who don't want to eat breakfast, don't want to brush their hair, are ambivalent about brushing their teeth, and only want to pack potato chips with a juice box for lunch.  I am always a little grateful when I finally push them out of the car and onto school property, for they then become wards of the public education system and not my problem until 3:00.  (I'm just kidding about that last part...mostly.)

After I deposited my children into the loving cradle of knowledge (where I was told I did NOT need to walk my youngest to her class, she wanted Pork Chop to do it.  I am no longer her favorite *sob*) I came home and I cleaned the kitchen.

Admire the sparkly kitchen goodness.

I clean a few more thing downstairs, then went upstairs to get showered and dressed for the day.  I cleaned a few more things upstairs (riveting blogging I know, but hang in there, I've got a point.  Promise).

I came back downstairs and discovered the kitchen was still sparkly clean!


I went out for a few hours, ran errands, came home, and The Kitchen Was Still Sparkly Clean!

Ran more errands, came home, and THE KITCHEN WAS STILL SPARKLY CLEAN!!!!!!!!

I don't even understand what is happening here.  It is a little unsettling.  I'm so accustomed to living with tiny gremlins named "Idon'tknow" and his sneaky cousin "Notme."  For the past twelve-ish years things have been moved, messes were made, the kitchen was destroyed on a regular basis with no one  willing to take accountability for any of it. I imagine this is what living with a poltergeist is like.

And as suddenly as it started it has stopped.  Nothing was moved today.  Everything was exactly where I left it.  The things I cleaned stayed clean.

A girl could get used to this.

But did you notice that I spent the entire day running errands?  And cleaning things?  Granted they were child-free errands, and once cleaned things stayed clean, but still, not the relaxing life in the pool that I had envisioned for myself.

There's always tomorrow.

In the meantime, now that the children are home and fed, I've managed to throw my sweater into the blocking bowl

Yum, wet lace.

And I'm about to enjoy a Bridezilla marathon.  I might even knit a mate for this pretty sock.

Somehow it is easier to sit and relax when I'm surrounded by my babies.

Maybe I should home school.

It's messier, but there's no hair brushing required.

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Tam said...

Great to start hearing from you again! After a whole summer of no posts, we get two in two days! I do the homeschooling thing and I definitely don't recommend it if you ever want anything to stay clear for 5 minutes. My oldest is 20 and I have not experienced that feeling since shortly after her birth. The youngest is 10. Only 8 more years of schooling before (maybe) he'll go to college and I get to enjoy a clean kitchen. I hope I live that long.