Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Things Happening Here

We need to mark this day, for today is a day that will surely go down in history.

Today is that day that I......finished ALL.THE.LAUNDRY!

All the shirts, all the socks, all the sheets, all the towels, all the random hand wash things.  ALL.CLEAN.

Even my two sweaters that were sitting in water waiting to be blocked for so long they started to smell?

Why yes, even my two sweaters are now fresh smelling and pristinely blocked.  And if I ever get a good hair day I will blog them.  (Where is my pregnancy hair?  I was promised good pregnancy hair and I am still impatiently waiting.)

It is a momentous occasion indeed.  Some of you may remember that my only New Year's Resolution was to become a person who does laundry.  It seemed like an attainable goal at the time, but good intentions are not enough.  Some days I wake up thinking "I should do laundry today."  Then I laugh really hard and say "I'm not doing laundry today."  Then I try again a few days later.  I am a work in progress  And while I'm not saying I am a person who does laundry.  I am saying that TODAY I am a person who did all the laundry.

Let us all rejoice!

I am also a person who finished my socks!

Yarn:  Knit Picks Felici Self-Striping, in some discontinued colorway I bought on sale

Needles:  Size 1 dpns?

Modifications:  I did fewer repeats on the leg.  I can't find my notes to tell you exactly how many repeats I was too lazy to do, but trust me, I did less than the pattern called for.  Which turned out to be a very good thing because I ran out of yarn on the final toe.  And of course, I had to sub in some yarn for the final toe because I ran out of yarn.  A personal first for me in my long history of using Knit Picks sock yarn.

Review:  As you can see I didn't even come close to matching colors for the final few rows.

By the end I was just so over these socks, I didn't even try very hard.  I don't know what went wrong.  I love the colors.  I love the pattern.  I even love the mis-matched toe.  But it didn't add up to a win for me.  I was just sick of looking at them.  Pregnancy hormones?  Who knows.  I didn't even want to put them in my over-crowded sock drawer to see if my feelings would change when winter came bringing with it sock wearing weather.  

Instead I tossed them at Pork Chop, who is big enough to wear socks I originally knit for myself, (she also borrows my clothes and my shoes.  I don't love that.)  I told my Teenage Wizard-wanna-be that these were Hermione's Everyday Socks, and now she and her new socks are very happy together.

So this still counts as a happy ending.  It just wasn't meant to be my happy ending.

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