Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Close enough

Hooray to Kimberly for recognizing the Corset. It is still damp, so today I'll present a different FO. Plus I've got the flu, I'm not modeling anything. I did manage to finish my two new red sleeves while I was laying around yesterday. But today isn't about red sleeves, it's about a pretty little cardigan.

Buttons be damned. I'm calling this puppy done.

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Pattern: Sirdar Double Knitting Cardigan #1518, purchased at a LYS. Size 1-2 years

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly, 3 balls

Needles: US 6 straights and US 3 straights

Modifications: surprisingly none, I knit this as written

Review: I just loved this pattern. I knit it months ago and have been searching for buttons ever since. As you can see I still don't have buttons, but I'm crediting this as a 2005 knit. The yarn was acrylic, but very very soft. It was my first foray into dk yarn and I loved how it looked. I like the subtle flecks of purple on the white. Being acrylic there was no real blocking, but I think it turned out alright.

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This was my first big cabling project, and I found cables to be big fun, so much fun I went on to knit the blue afghan.

Upon initial completion Bird wasn't so sure about this sweater.

No, No, Nooooooo

I think she has since reconsidered her position concerning the wearability of this sweater.

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I'm toying with the idea of making a matching one for Pork Chop and then a solid blue that compliments the purple for Meaty. Then I can dress them all alike and parade them around town, and take their pictures and blackmail them with said pictures when they are older. I'm just doing what any good mother would do right?


Lynda said...

What a cute sweater, and darling Bird! ...oh yea, take all the blackmail photos you can now... I've got teenagers, dating age, now... and those old pics are gonna come in handy!

shizzknits said...

Very sweet sweater! I love girls' sweaters, they are so much cuter than boys' sweaters.

kimberly said...

That's a gorgeous sweater. To hell with buttons, who needs them anyway??
I hope you're feeling better soon!

candsmom said...

You did an amazing job on that cardigan- just beautiful!! I love the way that Sirdar knit up. And every good mom needs blackmail photos. It's our duty to ensure that infallible birth-control is covered as soon as our kids bring that first date home. ;-) Get well soon and if I don't see you before then, Happy New Year to you! :-)

Chris said...

The cardigan is lovely... but I think blackmail pictures involve the child naked on a bearskin rug?!