Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ghetto Knittin'

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Why yes, yes it is. It's my Alpaca Cardigan with Glitter that contains neither alpaca nor glitter blocking on a garbage bag. Despite my lack of buttons I have bravely forged ahead and finished the neckline, seamed, and am currently blocking this puppy. Isn't she pretty? The quest for buttons continues.

On a different note: from time to time there are movements that sweep blogs like viruses. Certain patterns that everyone must knit, or yarn everyone must buy, or memes everyone is dying to answer. I'm joining one such movement.

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Candsmom and Olga have begun a moveoment of proud Ghetto Knitters. Come on. Most of us learned to knit of Boye needles with Red Heart. Admit it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. And although I am learning the beauty of other fibers Acrylic still has a valuable place in the world. Come out of the closet and proudly brandish those hot pink aluminum needles. I know, I know, my Alpaca Cardigan with Glitter had neither alpaca nor glitter, it had cashmere. But I'm blocking it on garbage bags, that should count for something. I still remember my roots and visit for the holidays. Everything I knit for my children is acrylic bought at Wal-Mart as a rule. If I've got high end yarn I got it in a huge ass cone on e-bay, or from Knitpicks, which barely counts as high end. Let's not forget the Cashsoft was a guilt gift for Greasefest 2005. I'm still Ghetto at heart. So Ghetto Knitters of the world unite. Can I get an "Amen"


Areli said...

Your cardigan looks so pretty, you really finished it fast. I can't wait to see it with buttons and modelled.

desert knits said...

Ohhhh that's gorgeous. Glitter? You don't need no stinking glitter! When do we get to see you in it? Christmas, perhaps? ::hopehope::
I love the little knitting snowmen! I am touched by your nativity scene, too - many women would go crazy if something like that got broken, but you have really embraced the love and joy that Christmas should be about.
Y'know, I have an old issue of FCEK that has a sweater similar to the one you want to make. It's mostly just plain, but with the ribbed foldover off-the-shoulder collar thing, but it would give you a starting point to add the lace and things you want. You want it?

Amy said...

Amen sista! :) I have a four month old, who I knit for, and I won't use anything that can't go into the washer for her. The way she spits up (very randomly) and the leaky diapers.... I would be insane to go high end for her right now. Not to mention that my husband would lose his mind if I spent tons of money on a sweater she'll only wear one season.

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm a ghetto knitter, and I'm proud of it. I simply don't have the budget to be buying the "nicer" yarns. And frankly, I like Lion Brand. That's right, I said it. Thick 'n Quick, Wool-ease, Landscapes, Fun Fur, it's all in my stash. And Red Heart too! Some of their stuff IS soft, dammit. And I don't like the idea of spending 50-100 bucks or more just to make a sweater or something. Bah!

candsmom said...

Amen, sister, amen!!! Hallelujah for huge ass cones off of Ebay and free shipping from Knit Picks! Thank you for evangelizing the spirit of the ghetto knitter. You do all of us proud.

Your cardigan is GORGEOUS, but then again, you already knew that. ;-) And hey, did you steal my blocking board? I think I recognize that garbage bag.