Friday, December 16, 2005

We don't need no stinkin' crosswalks

With my cardigan safely blocking I have turned my attention to The Greatest's Jaywalker socks. I should bite the bullet and finish my corset, but hey, I've always like to live life on the edge. Plus the poor guy deserves something for all he does for me. And since we all know Evil is never going to surface from my pile of UFOs (unfinished objects), the very least I can do is knit him a pair of socks. I think they're coming along swimmingly.

Image hosted by

I like the stitch detail.

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I haven't tried them on, but I should because I'm wondering if the diagonal stitches will pull. We'll see. So far The Greatest loves them. Or he's lying and saying he loves them because he loves me. I'm cool with it either way.


Lynda said...

The Jaywalkers are looking nice! I must start mine TODAY!

candsmom said...

Your Jaywalkers look great! I've never seen them done in a solid-color before...I REALLY like it. Very classic and manly all at once.