Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hiding from my knitting

Since my failure to find buttons, and my recent explosion of frogging I have felt rather un-motivated to knit.

I ought to find a new pattern for The Greatest's socks, or just knit him a simple rib sock. He was just saying this morning how much warmer the sock I knit him were compared to his other dress socks. But the love is gone for this project.

I've started knitting this

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I'm using my Merino Style formerly known as Hopeful. I've eliminated the cables, I think they merely make the sweater look lumpy. The endless stockingnette is actually comforting. It is rather nice to make something square and mindless. I've got the back done, or maybe its the front, they're the same either way.

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I'm not entirely motivated to do this sweater because
  • I'm not sure it's entirely what I want. Sure it's got the neck I want, and the bell sleeves, but otherwise I'm not sure about it.
  • I'm not sure I even have enough of this yarn to knit the sweater. I'm keeping my tails very short.

So this morning instead of knitting Bird and I made playdough.

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We were going along just fine until the kid radar kicked in. That internal monitor they all have that lets them know when one child is having more fun than the other children, thus requiring their immediate intervention. Subsequently the red playdough was a bit burnt. I'm not sure I'll ever get the smell out of the curtains, but otherwise it was all moldable fun.

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We used kool-aid to color the play dough. I think it came out beautifully.

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I'm very tempted to place an order at Knitpicks for some dye-your-own-something-or-other just to try my hand at kool-aid dyeing. It would occupy me while I'm avoiding my knitting.


rincaro said...

I highly recommend the kool-aid dye-ing. Fine family fun.

candsmom said...

Oh yes, the kid radar- a very finely tuned instrument. They're always pinging, ensuring that no sibling is having more fun than they are. Man, you are a GOOD mom for making (and dyeing) homemade playdoh- I take my hat off to you! I'm store-bought all the way on that one. I'm really liking the sweater you started on. The neckline and bell-sleeves caught my attention, too.

Areli said...

I love the picture of your kids around the table playing with playdough. All happy and absorbed in what they are doing. So cute.