Monday, May 22, 2006

Due to graphic content Viewer discretion is advised

Don't worry about me.

I'm fine....Now.

For Mother's Day I got a cold. Not the sniffles. Not a polite tiny girly cough. I got a COLD. I had a nose that leaked like a faucet. I couldn't go more than three inches from a box of tissues. I had mucus draining down the back of my throat. It was so thick it threatened to drown me. It filled my stomach so it churned constantly. I couldn't eat because my stomach was already full of thick snot. I coughed, deep hacking coughs that woke the children. Coughs that were so hard I think I bruised my ribs but the mucus was so thick in my chest nothing came up. My head hurt for a week straight, right behind my eyes. I think my head was so full of mucus my sinuses were pressing on my eyes from inside my head. My eyes still hurt, my head still hurts, I'm still coughing.

So to whoever sent this little bug to me for Mother's Day: Thanks-a-fucking-lot. I don't know what I did to you to make you think I deserved this but I will hunt you down and kill you in your sleep as soon as I find who you are. Right after I cough on you.

Consider yourself warned.

In more pleasant news the green sweaters are DONE. And this

pretty blue blob

Why that's the finished blue blob.

And these

cheesy girl
(Chessy grin before school)

lazy boy
(No matter how many times I shoo him off this is his favorite spot for early morning cartoons)

hungry girl
(I swear that sandwich is bigger than her head, and she still ate most of it)

Why these are my cute kids. See, I have been doing good things with my life.


mama_tulip said...

God...I feel for you. I got my period for Mother's Day and I thought that was bad. Sorry you got a cold -- you sound like me. When I get a cold I don't get like, a case of the sniffles. I get a buttass muthafuckin' COLD. For days.

Your kids are ADORABLE and that is the biggest sandwich I've ever seen in my entire life.

Katrina said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I've missed you.

My three-year-old watches cartoons from the exact same spot on my couch. OVER the back cushion. What's up with that? I guess it's better than the pillows ending up all over the floor like land mines. Oh yeah, that inevitably happens too. Gotta love them.

Tactless Wonder said...

I think we have the same couch...mine was, as most of my furniture these days, a hand-me-down from a very style-conscious friend, who needed leather in his bachleor pad. Small children gravitate to the pillows that way...maybe the manufacturer did it on purpose.

Areli said...

That cold sounds absolutely miserable! Hope you are feeling much better now.

That picture of your baby with the sandwich is so cute, I can't believe she ate most of it.

kimberly said...

You have been doing more than wonderful things!!