Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TrixieG is a SUPERHERO

What's a girl to do when she realizes her SP is really a superhero in disguise?

Case in point?

My Final SP package.

She was amazing picking out just the right things for me. I really appreciate how she took the time to find out what I like and got the perfect things.

Here's my new measuring tape.

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Could anything be cuter. I've measured everything that will stand still, as well as my children (who never stand still). For the record Meaty's thigh is the same circumference as Pork Chop's.

My chocolate.

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The green one has calcium, yummy and nutritious, just what chocolate should be.

My bunnies. I love bunnies.

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The peeps were given a quick and merciful death by the children, mostly by beheading.

And the yarn.

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That's Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool (like petting a bunny), Shadow in Sunset, and crack in blue and black, I mean kid silk haze.

This package has a lace theme. Did she know I had joined Summer 2006 Amazing Lace?

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And there were patterns.

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Fibertrends Spirit of the Southwest Shawl, Fibertrends Pacific Northwest Shawl, and the Elizabeth Scarves.

I would be knitting me some lace right now, but I need to get two tiny sweaters done for the Girl's birthday party at the end of this month. I've got this insane idea that they're going to have matching apple green cotton sweaters worn over white outfits (a dress for Bird, skirt and shirt for Pork Chop) then it's going to be all lace all the time around here for a while.

And finally, shipped separately so I had another package to open came this.

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That's Cascade Fixation for my Mon Petit Chou knit-a-long, (more lace!). I love the baby pink, I think I'll dress it with an apple green ribbon. (oh yeah, Dad don't click the link, it's lingerie, I won't be posting pictures of the finished item)

So the biggest Thank You in the world goes out to TrixieG. You made this Secret Pal round so much fun. I've really enjoyed your notes, and haunting the mailbox. You are a superhero.


Katrina said...

Great haul! Isn't it fun getting lovin's in the mail??

Just watch out that your children don't try to run off with that little sheep...it's my kids' favorite forbidden toy.

Amy said...

That's awesome, Mamma. SP is so much fun, and it looks like yours loved to spoil you.
Had to LOL at the "Dad, don't click the link"~you could always model your little cabbage as it blocks, or on the dog, I suppose. Just sayin'.

TrixieG said...

I loved being your SP! And I got SuperHero status out of it, too. Now I need to find a cape.

I absolutely loved spoiling you and am beyond thrilled that you're so happy with everything. I'll be checking your blog often for finished objects. I didn't know about the Amazing Lace gig - must've been my SuperHero powers of telepathy kicking in. I might have to check it out for myself.

Off to deal with my own kids and work on my Flower Basket Shawl. I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Big hugs.

shiguy4076 said...

I love all the stuff you got. You do have the best SP. I love the colors she sent. You're going to have so many projects to do. I'm excited for you.