Monday, May 15, 2006

So much to say, but none of it is getting said today

Sometimes I avoid my blog.

Sometimes I don't have anything to say. I want to be funny, and witty, and interesting and relevant. I want people to read my writing and think it is good. I want to be recognized for a talent beyond making THE BEST yogurt sundays and the ability to breastfeed a newborn while helping a two year old pee in a cup. I want people to see something they want to be a part of, a person they want to know, a life they want to share, a blog they want to read. But sometimes my life offers me no blog fodder. The days are mindnumbingly similar, day after day. I get up, feed and dress three children, often feeding and sometimes dressing my Sister's children when they get here. My day is an endless string of laundry, cooking, picking up toys, inventing ways to get out of doing the dishes and constantly chanting "We don't ______" (the blank running the gamut from ordinary hitting and taking toys to the more interesting biting the dog and my personal favorite from the weekend "We don't tell people to "kiss my pee-nie").

But other times I avoid my blog because I have too much to blog about. Bird's birthday was this weekend. I need to write her birthday post. I want that to have it's own post, she's so pretty and special. She deserves her own post.

But it was also Mother's Day this weekend. As a daughter it was a hard day. I miss my Mom. That's a whole post. But for the first time my Kids were really into Mother's Day and I as a Mom had a great day. Both those things deserve their own post. I don't want to put them together, some of it is just too hard.

I still can't find my mpio. I'm offering a reward for the return of my MPIO FL100. It is strapped into it's armband with the earbud headphones dangling. The playlist is mostly Teagan and Sarah with some James Blunt, and the entire Bo Bice album (don't judge me). I could go into why I need it back so badly, it's tied to my Parent, and my history with music, it's a long story but that is it's own post. I got a new MP3 player for Mother's Day. I like it well enough, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, it's been charging, but I'm really hoping the MPIO will surface now that it's been replaced. That's the way the universe usually works, right?

So now I have four posts I need to write, not to mention the green sweaters are blocking, and I need to write my intro for the Amazing Lace.

So now I'm up to six posts.

Plus we've got new neighbors. They've been here a total of 16 hours so far and I hate them already. This must be a new record. Their chosen method of decorating seems to be carrying the furniture to approximately where they want it, then dropping it. The apartments on wither side of us used to be occupied by families with children. I've never heard any sound from either apartment. I've lived in apartments for atleast a third of my life and I've never had my walls vibrate like that. I was afraid my mirror was going to vibrate right off the walls. And they were at it at ten o'clock at night. Poor Bird has a stuffy nose, and couldn't sleep between the noise and her nose. I had half a mind to take her over there and parade her in her jammies with her swollen eyes and red nose infront of them as guilt-inducing proof of their rude bad neighbor behavior. And they're really old, osteoporosis grey-haired old, which isn't why I hate them it's just they're going to hate living by my noisy brood, and what could these tiny old people really have been doing to make so much noise? I miss the days when the apartments on either side of us were full of kids too. Oh, the joys of apartment living.

So that's seven posts, well, actually, I think I'm still at six, I've pretty much said all I need to say on the crummy new neighbors. But still, six posts, I don't know where to start.

And I'm all out of blogging time. I must go feed my three children. If I don't feed them they tend to get inventive and feed themselves. Friday it was strawberries, which would have been fine but when they were full they decided to mash the rest of the container into the carpet. My entire four foot hallway from the living room to the kitchen was red. You can see why I must go and avoid another such disaster. Thank goodness for the spot-bot. That thing was worth every penny.


mama_tulip said...

I'm sorry about your neighbours -- that really stinks. I hope the situation improves quickly.

I thought of you on and off all day yesterday.

Tam said...

Well, if it's any consolation whatsoever, your life sounds precisely like mine (give or take a kid or two). As we speak, there is popcorn covering the ENTIRE living room floor and crammed into every fiber of the couch. I sat downstairs at the computer watching Alias episodes and left the little kids upstairs to their own devices. Yes, I'm stupid. By the time I noticed what they were doing, it was their bedtime and I was NOT going through the ordeal of making them clean up at that hour. So now we are having a standoff. I refuse to clean it up and they are stalling indefinitely. I have a feeling we'll be cutting a deal soon whereby they put away the bowls and empty popcorn bags and I vacuum up the mess. sigh. I feel your pain.

Di said...


Amy said...

which is why my blog has been virtually untouched for months now :)
Hang in there, we'll be back to resd the rest when you get around to it.

kimberly said...

You just keep doing what you're doing. No need to rush, no need to push it. We're here, we'll always be here, at leat I will be.
Big hug.
I live in an apartment too and am so jealous of all of those that live in houses where the kids can run free and scream at the top of their lungs and not worry the neighbors will call the police. Oh how would it be to play the piano after 8 pm or on Sundays? Or whenever we want? Oh how would it be? I feel your pain. I live it too. We'll get through it all together. That's why we're here.

Katrina said...

Ooh, isn't the spot-bot great? It's saved my sanity more than once. And have you ever heard of Folex carpet cleaning spray ? It works like a dream on those areas bigger than what the spot-bot can cover. It's great stuff. Sorry to sound like a commercial or blog comment spam; sometimes I get over-excited about cleaning products that actually work. I need to get out more, I think.

Annoying neighbors are the pits! I'm sorry you're having to deal with that right now.

shiguy4076 said...

Mama, I'm so sorry your new neighbors suck. I've missed your posts. Where are you.