Friday, May 05, 2006

Itchy Corsets for Everyone

True Fact: My Mom hated my knitting.

Well, she didn't exactly hate it. But she was definitely bored by it.

She didn't knit, and she didn't understand why I did.

I didn't mind that, but I did mind that every time I showed her something I knit she replied "That's nice, but don't make me one."

It really pissed me off. Unless you are my child or pregnant I won't knit for you unless you a) ask me to b)pick out the pattern c) pick out the yarn and d) let me take invasive measurements of your body.

So everyone I know who is worried I will gift them with an ugly sweater for Christmas can just relax. I wouldn't do that. Atleast not without knowing the distance between your shoulderblades. (let that be a warning to all to never turn your back on me)

Anyways, where was I going with this, oh yeah.

My Sister fit the above criteria.

Her prize?

An ITCHY Corset

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I'm feeling very lazy today (hey, it's my third post this morning) so I'm just going to say this sweater is the same as this one only in black. I blame Knitpicks for the itch.

In a side not that has nothing to do with my knitting, isn't that the coolest picture. I really like the lighting in my stairwell. My Sister is so pretty.


shiguy4076 said...

Tell your sis I think she's looks beautiful in that corset. It really becomes her. Ok I tried to call you this morning but Gabe has the phone. I am not going to make it I am exhausted and I tried to get going but I can't. I'll explain more late. Call me when he gets home.

emotional girl said...

it's a beautiful sweater, i wish i could knit like that.

shizzknits said...

Well, it may be itchy but it looks gorgeous.

Darci said...

My mother says the exact same thing. She has finally "allowed" me to knit sweaters for her 2 dogs. Isn't that swell of her?